‘Nightmare in El Paraíso’ announces its third competitor, with the soap opera by Ortega Cano and Rocío Carrasco

Glory Camila is the third confirmed competitor of nightmare in paradisereality tv show Telecinco in which several celebrities will live together in a farm devoid of any comfort. Omar Sánchez, the Telecinco bomb for his new reality show that will lengthen the summer soap opera Know more His name was revealed this Sunday during the … Read more

The art was in charge of Daniel Luque in the afternoon of the poster of no tickets in El Puerto

Daniel Luque is set to become a fixture in El Puerto given his performances last season and this year. Yesterday saved the afternoon with a resounding task in which he placed the art that the Morantist contingent expected, fight very slowly and with humor to a bull whose Sevillian has chained the good game with … Read more

Joaquín Torres announces his marriage to Raúl Prieto, director of Viva la vida

Raúl Prieto and his partner will marry next spring Joaquín Torres announces his marriage after asking the director of ‘Viva la vida’ “With him always and soon forever,” he wrote just days ago Raúl Prieto jAccompanied by a photograph in which we could see him with his partner enjoying his vacation in Italy. An image … Read more

Telecinco gives hints about the second competitor of “Nightmare in El Paraíso”, which will be announced in “Deluxe”

luxury friday will unveil on August 5 the name of the second competitor of nightmare in paradisethe new reality tv show Telecinco in which a group of celebrities will live together for a time on a farm. Pee Estrada is currently the only confirmed competitor of the 16 who will participate in the program. Terelu … Read more

Isaac Torres is caught kissing two girls at the same time after his adventure in Colombia

The former ‘Isle of Temptation’ contestant appeared kissing at a nightclub with two girls at the same time Isaac Torres caused a tsunami of reactions after his appearance on a Colombian reality show Lucía Sánchez has not yet ruled on the matter, although she has taken her first steps when we thought that Isaac Torres … Read more

Journey creator thinks games as a service is the healthiest way to make games

Current development cycles often prevent workers from enjoying a work-life balance. There are not a few cases of labor exploitation that have been reported in recent years, an evil that extends even to other industries. like the cinema. Regarding this same subject, Jenova Chenone of the most important developers behind the creation of Journeycommented in … Read more

Renewables are the only solution to reduce energy dependence

The Association of Renewable Energy Companies supports the energy saving plans promoted by the government. The old reflection of “the greenest energy is that which is not consumed” is still relevant, especially since in just one year the energy deficit has been multiplied by 2.5, exceeding 16,000 million euros in the first four months alone. … Read more

The Last of Us Part I updates Naughty Dog’s unforgettable masterpiece on PS5

Brought to you by PlayStation The last of us were released on PlayStation 3 in 2013 and with it, Naughty Dog ended its generation in style. Now on September 2 it will be released The Last of Us Part Iand remake of this unforgettable game for PS5. instantly converted to a classicWith over 200 Game … Read more

Fixed Income: Public debt regains its attractiveness with coupons above 3% | My money

The first half of this year was disastrous (the worst in history) for the fixed income because, according to experts, it was overestimated. Those who bet on these negative-rate assets saw a deterioration in the economic outlook, which depreciated the bonds and generated losses. But the rise in interest rates opens a new horizon on … Read more

Do you have a fixed or variable mortgage? Here’s how the ECB’s rate hike will affect you

The European Central Bank (ECB) last Thursday raised interest rates by half a percentage point, up to 0.50%, the first increase in eleven years and the most intense since 2000, with the aim of curbing the rise in inflation. This decision to contain the rise in prices in Europe will lead to an inevitable rise … Read more