The Most Curious Living Things Found in Fossils

We were lucky: the Earth It is the only planet in the solar system with the characteristics conducive to the birth of life, as we know it. Between them, her size. If I was much older, like Jupiterthe atmospheric density would be so high that it would prevent the arrival of Sunlightmain source of energy … Read more

“You are the worst in the history of ‘Survivors'”

Tension and fights until the last day. Survivors 2022 closed this Sunday evening its edition in Telecinco with his Final debateat a gala organized by Charles Sovereign What revealed the percentages who lifted as a winner at Alexander Grandson in the final on Thursday and had the absence of Nacho Palauas we have already explained. … Read more

Rufus Wainwright and the Greatest Gay Love Story Ever Told in Opera

Opening night ended, how could it be otherwise, with applause lasting over eight minutes, and Rufus Wainwright waving under a beautiful manila shawl and fantastic red shoes from an electrifying Wizard of Oz . Behind were three hours of an opera that was musically beautiful at times, savage at others, and a staging dominated by … Read more

The Curious History of Rabbit Plague in Australia

Australia is an immense island, about twenty times larger than Spain, which, due to its condition as an isolated continent, offers new arrivals species great biological opportunities. But that I didn’t know Thomas Austin (1815-1871), an English colonist who, in 1859, imported two dozen rabbits wild in England and released them for sport hunting on … Read more

the story of ‘B Jones’, the first Spaniard to perform at Tomorrowland

Beatriz Martínez, better known as “B Jones”, is from Jaén and is the first Spanish woman to present at Tomorrowland At 38, a single mother and a career marked by effort, the young woman has managed to reach the heights and collaborate with David Guetta and Tiesto He will perform all three weekends of the … Read more