Telepizza owners register 21 million losses, 6.3% more

food delivery brands recorded losses of 21.6 million through June. The multi-brand group, which operates the Telepizza, Pizza Hut and Apache Pizza brands, recorded attributable net losses of 21.6 million euros in the first half, which represents 6.4% more compared to the “red figures” of 20.3 million euros for the same period last year. The … Read more

Instruments for the optimal preparation of dental prostheses Dental Medical Precision

The ace dentures These are artificial elements that are placed in the oral cavity to replace lost teeth. In this way, it is possible to recover the functionality of the mouth and communication and food intake are facilitated, as well as improving aesthetics. The dental technician is the professional in charge of the design, manufacture … Read more

Euribor closed July very close to 1%

The Bank of Spain confirmed that the 12-month Euribor closed the month of July on a monthly average of 0.992%. This shows that, compared to 0.852% in June, with which upward trend continues which began in early 2022, although data confirms that the indicator has slowed its progress over the past month. The rise in … Read more

“The data centers of the future will be even greener”

Andrei Pawlaczyk, Data Center Manager at Deerns Spain We talked about energy efficiency and sustainability with Andrei Pawlaczyk, Data Center Area Manager at Deerns Spain, a company specializing in the design and development of this type of facility. According to him, ‚ÄúData centers consume a lot of energy and resources, and are a place that … Read more

Savers, the positive side of the rate hike

The new scenario of interest rate hikes in Europe, after the first measure taken by the European Central Bank (ECB) last Thursday, fuels hopes that the financial sector will resurrect deposits, a very attractive savings formula in Spain and declining for almost a decade. The agency decided to raise interest rates by half a percentage … Read more

ECB rate hike reignites deposit battle 10 years later

The rise in interest rates European Central Bank (ECB) of last Thursday opens the door to the financial sector to resuscitate a very attractive savings formula in Spain and in decline for almost a decade: deposits. The agency decided to raise interest rates by half a percentage point, to 0.50%, the first increase in eleven … Read more

Do you have a fixed or variable mortgage? Here’s how the ECB’s rate hike will affect you

The European Central Bank (ECB) last Thursday raised interest rates by half a percentage point, up to 0.50%, the first increase in eleven years and the most intense since 2000, with the aim of curbing the rise in inflation. This decision to contain the rise in prices in Europe will lead to an inevitable rise … Read more

How is monkeypox spread? Epidemiologists respond in a guide

Combating ignorance about monkeypox and facilitating its prevention are the objectives of the guide published by the Spanish Society of Epidemiology. Monkeypox is not easily transmitted between humans: infection occurs through close contact with infected skin, body fluids, or respiratory droplets from an infected person with whom you have sex. This is one of the … Read more

The Ibex closes the week in the green and progresses by 1.8% after recovering 7,900 points

The spanish bag shut up last session of the week in positive after four consecutive days in red and rebounded 1.81%, leading it to recover 7,900 points, buoyed by the possibility that the US Federal Reserve (Fed) will not undertake a more aggressive interest rate hike. With that, annual losses are reduced to 8.81%, after … Read more