Carmen Borrego explodes after a low blow by Rafa Mora in ‘Sálvame’: “Imbécil”

‘Sálvame’ viewers have once again witnessed the wrath of one of his most iconic collaborators. Carmen Borrego left the Telecinco program set a few minutes later Rafa Mora told her that he was working on television to be the daughter of María Teresa Campos in this Friday’s edition. “We are here because we want to … Read more

‘Nightmare in El Paraíso’ announces its third competitor, with the soap opera by Ortega Cano and Rocío Carrasco

Glory Camila is the third confirmed competitor of nightmare in paradisereality tv show Telecinco in which several celebrities will live together in a farm devoid of any comfort. Omar Sánchez, the Telecinco bomb for his new reality show that will lengthen the summer soap opera Know more His name was revealed this Sunday during the … Read more

Carolina Ferre returned to Telecinco (very alone) as a collaborator on ‘It’s already summer’

Caroline Ferre back this saturday Telecinco, which was his home for a long time many years ago. The presenter has joined the staff of collaborators of It’s summerthe program that has replaced for a few weeks Live life. Antonio Orozco witnessed the most tense moment of “I see how you sing”, and disappointed the advisers … Read more

Telecinco begins the “drip” of candidates for “Nightmare in paradise”, its new reality show in the style of “La Granja”

Not even a week ago Grand Final of the Survivors and Telecinco is already revving up its engines to engage audiences in a new reality show: nightmare in paradise. The chain does not want to let a lot of time pass between one and the other and for this it already warns in the networks … Read more

Mediaset lays off 18 make-up artists and hairstylists to outsource the department

This Monday, August 1, Save me trigger all alarms send an emotional message to her fellow hairdressers and make-up artists. Specific, Lydia Lozanor interrupted the course of the show to say the following: “The whole team wants to give a very strong kiss to those who have been our confidants, our coaches…”, to which Terelu … Read more

Aída Nízar files criminal charges against Mediaset and La Fábrica de la tele for giving ‘fake news’ and ‘non-existent interviews’

The businesswoman and former reality TV contestant Aida Nizar presented before a court of first instance of Madrid a bulletin of conciliation, before the filing of a criminal complaint for an alleged “crime against honour” committed according to the document by Telecinco, media play and the production company La Fábrica de la tele, giving what … Read more

“Survivors 2022” (16.9%) bids farewell with victory to its “final debate” on Telecinco

Survivors 2022 say goodbye to Telecinco with victory for his Final debate. The featured program by Carlos Sobera brings in 1.1 points and 320,000 viewers compared to last week, but exceeds in strict competition a su main rival, Unfaithful on Antenna 3. Latest ‘Survivors 2022’ debate revealed final percentages, with resounding absence Know more The … Read more

“You knew you were doing something wrong”

The start of luxury friday I had already planned that It wouldn’t be an easy night for Manuel Pereiracontestant’s father Survivors 2022 Yulen Pereira, who came to the set of Telecinco to talk about your child’s relationship with Anabel Pantoja. “I wanted to see you,” he told her. Jorge Javier Vazquez to the athlete’s father … Read more

Telecinco presents “Tonight I win” and the public phrases: “The challenge of Hacendado”

media play is always immersed in the creation of new projects to try to compensate for increasingly weak audiences, however, it seems that he was not right in choosing the formats that the public is looking for and this tuesday crashed once again after the premiere of ‘Tonight I win’. Few months ago Telecinco has … Read more

from the speech of Emma García and the farewell party to the reason for the absence of Raquel Mosquera

This Sunday, after five years of broadcasting the weekends of Telecincothe program Live life ended and Emma Garciaher presenter for four of them, couldn’t help but be honest and say how much this space has meant to her. “We have closed a stage which for me lasted four years. I set myself one thing: show … Read more