All about Raquel Lozano, the new illusion of Omar Sánchez

Omar Sanchez He has taken another step which shows that he is forgetting Anabel Pantoja. The former competitor of ‘survivors‘ is careful, but yes He admitted he was meeting Raquel Lozano put aside speculation or rising rumors that have swirled around them. The young woman who rose to prominence on ‘Big Brother 16’ and then … Read more

“You are the worst in the history of ‘Survivors'”

Tension and fights until the last day. Survivors 2022 closed this Sunday evening its edition in Telecinco with his Final debateat a gala organized by Charles Sovereign What revealed the percentages who lifted as a winner at Alexander Grandson in the final on Thursday and had the absence of Nacho Palauas we have already explained. … Read more

Rubén Sánchez charged against ‘Survivors’ and his speech during the final debate

The Final debate of Survivors 2022 He had a bit of everything, including a “slap on the wrist” from one of his contestants on the show himself. Latest ‘Survivors 2022’ debate revealed final percentages, with resounding absence Know more In addition to reveal your final percentagesof not being able to count on Nacho Palau, and … Read more

“Survivors 2022” (16.9%) bids farewell with victory to its “final debate” on Telecinco

Survivors 2022 say goodbye to Telecinco with victory for his Final debate. The featured program by Carlos Sobera brings in 1.1 points and 320,000 viewers compared to last week, but exceeds in strict competition a su main rival, Unfaithful on Antenna 3. Latest ‘Survivors 2022’ debate revealed final percentages, with resounding absence Know more The … Read more

Latest ‘Survivors 2022’ debate revealed final percentages, with resounding absence

After 93 days of adventure, Survivors 2022 asked his last point after the last Debate broadcast this Sunday, July 31. Charles Sovereign directed the last episode in which they had 15 of the 16 candidates. Alejandro Nieto wins ‘Survivors 2022’, after a ‘wild’ contest to the end Know more And it is that there was … Read more

“You knew you were doing something wrong”

The start of luxury friday I had already planned that It wouldn’t be an easy night for Manuel Pereiracontestant’s father Survivors 2022 Yulen Pereira, who came to the set of Telecinco to talk about your child’s relationship with Anabel Pantoja. “I wanted to see you,” he told her. Jorge Javier Vazquez to the athlete’s father … Read more

SURVIVORS WINNER | The public has spoken: this will be the winner of Survivors 2022 according to the polls

The Survivors program faces its home stretch. And it does so with many celebrities at the gates of winning the most important program of the Fuencarral channel. It is not in vain that it is the only one that these days has given joy in terms of audience after several months that Telecinco has lost … Read more

‘Survivors 2022’ reaches its grand finale with the direction of its three weekly galas

Nacho Palau, Ignacio de Borbón, Alejandro Nieto and Marta Peñate will star in the denouement of the adventure reality show that Telecinco will air tomorrow Thursday (9:55 p.m.) with Jorge Javier Vázquez in the lead. One of them will take home the victory and the prize of €200,000 for the winner. After the traditional arrival … Read more

Violeta Mangriñán explains who will accompany her at the birth of her daughter Gala

Violeta Mangriñ´án explains who will enter the delivery room with her when she gives birth to Gala Former ‘Survivors’ contestant and Fabio Collorricio suffer family mishap before first daughter arrives together Violet Mangrian and Fabio Colloricchio They are preparing for one of the most important moments of their lives. In just a few days (which … Read more

Lester’s Furious Attack on Marta Peñate After ‘Survivors’ Bridge of Emotions

If there is a couple who have occupied all the headlines of the specialized television media during their participation in temptations it was the one formed by the grancanarios Lester Duque there Marthe Penate. Now that there are four days left before the winner of the Survivors 2022the cousin of Marta Peñate, Lester Duquepublished a … Read more