European Super Cup 2022: Real Madrid and the Super Cup: the club of four, captain Benzema, Rediger defends the title, Alaba’s streak…

EI real Madrid seek Wednesday to be super champion of Europe for the fifth time. In Helsinki, and against Eintracht Frankfurt, Ancelotti and his team will try to regain a title they have not won since 2017. An appointment which for some prolongs his brilliant history with Madrid and for others the first. 1- Courtois, … Read more

Real Madrid: Spain and Madrid: Europe at your feet

Ethe historic olympic stadium helsinkione of the first games where the Soviet Union (1952), is the framework in which opens the European fight for the titles during the season 2022-23. Real Madrid and Eintracht Frankfurtchampions of Champions and some Europa Leaguethey play the European Super Cupa tournament imagined in 1971, which had an experimental final … Read more

Real Madrid: Fede Valverde achieves what Roberto Baggio couldn’t with Ancelotti: Isco has already done it in Zidane’s Madrid

Carlo Ancelotti begins his fourth season at the helm of the real Madrid with a team that fulfills it, a reinforced staff with Chuamni and Rediger and where they came from Isco, Marcelo and Jovicthree totally residual players last season. The European and League champion starts with a change of design that already appeared in … Read more

Real Madrid: Real Madrid don’t play the finals, they win them: 16 out of 18 titles since 2014

Lto the story of real Madrid changed in 2014. Again. That year, the first of Carlo Ancelotti at the White House, the white team was proclaimed champion of the Cup, and in Lisbon, it reached tenth. A glorious cycle began which, eight years later, is still open. In helsinkibefore the unityMadrid are looking for their … Read more

Real Madrid: Ancelotti’s management with Camavinga

El stage led real Madrid in the United States served Ancelotti had one-on-one conversations with almost every player on the team. Private interviews to explain the italian project 2.0 and giving advice and love to footballers who have personal as well as collective goals. One of those conversations of Ancelotti was with Eduardo Camavingaone of … Read more

Real Madrid: The “Bermuda Triangle” challenges its rivals and the new generation

Lthat the press conferences of Carlo Ancelotti These are football and life lessons. He left there definitions of his players which were pasted on his name. A little over a year ago, in Vitoria, he baptized Nacho as The pessimistic defender to highlight the youth team’s ability to focus and always prepare for the worst. … Read more