What to expect from ‘House of the Dragon’ and what ‘Game of Thrones’ ‘fans’ expect

More than three years have passed since Game Of Thrones will leave in shock -and not exactly in a good way- to their fans with the end of the series. Despite the controversy of the last season, the expectation is maximum before the premiere this Monday on HBO Max of the dragon house, the story … Read more

These are the 3 outstanding series that you must see from August 8 to 14

DIFFUSION Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Star Plus shine again with their premieres for this week. Find out which new streaming series you can’t miss. For Noelia Rios 08/05/2022 – 20:09h UTC 08/05/2022 – 20:09h UTC © IMDBAndrew Garfield in Under the Sky Banner With the arrival of the weekend, streaming platforms are taking advantage … Read more

Kevin Spacey to Pay Over $30 Million to ‘House of Cards’ Creators

A judge ruled that Kevin Spacey and its production companies must pay to the creators of “Card castle” nearly $31 million due to losses caused by his firing in 2017 for sexual harassment of team members. The decision of Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mel Red Recana, as reported by Ap, grants the force of … Read more

HBO Max will merge with Discovery+ on one platform, and the series will not be a priority

After days of rumors and expectations that pointed to this Thursday evening, the conference with analysts from David Zaslavthe CEO of the new giant Discovery of Warner Bros. -emerged from the union of the two companies to compete for the market with The Walt Disney Company-, ended up providing little news but giving ideas on … Read more

‘The House of the Dragon’, ‘Sandman’, ‘Andor’ and much more

the dragon houseprequel to Game Of Thrones on the origin of Targaryenthere Andorthe galactic soldier story Cassian Andor (Diego Luna), at a time before the beginning of star warsare two of the great series that arrive in August on the platforms. As summer is in full swing, platforms are bolstering their offerings with some of … Read more

Star+ series premiere time

the streaming service Star+ prepares one of the most anticipated releases of the month, in a week that multiple interesting productions will arrive on the different platforms available. In this case it is Holy Avoid, a series centered on the life of one of the most transcendental figures in Argentine politics and the region. There … Read more

the series that broke the audiometers returns

Legend has it that before the stellar premiere of “ER,” Don Ohlmeyer, president of NBC on the West Coast, didn’t give a dime for it. “Nobody’s going to see ‘ER’,” were apparently his words. His reasons: “There are too many characters and he has neither head nor tail.” Ohlmeyer was wrong: between 1996 and 1997, … Read more