the heartbreaking sequence of their argument

In the footage, Miriam Sánchez is seen scolding Pipi Estrada in the middle of the street Pipi Estrada: “It was a disproportionate reaction” Pipi Estrada’s call: “Miriam, you’ve hit rock bottom, help yourself, love yourself” ‘Save me’ emits a overwhelming sequence. Some images in which we see the discussion of Pee Estrada and his ex-partner, … Read more

Omar Sánchez, second confirmed competitor of ‘Nightmare in El Paraíso’

Anabel Pantoja’s ex becomes second confirmed contestant for new Telecinco reality show The Canarian surfer will be a farmer and live with other VIPs Meet Omar Sánchez: who is he? Omar Sanchez is the second confirmed candidate from ‘Nightmare in Paradise’, the new reality of Telecinco which will soon arrive on our screens. The ex-husband … Read more

All about Raquel Lozano, the new illusion of Omar Sánchez

Omar Sanchez He has taken another step which shows that he is forgetting Anabel Pantoja. The former competitor of ‘survivors‘ is careful, but yes He admitted he was meeting Raquel Lozano put aside speculation or rising rumors that have swirled around them. The young woman who rose to prominence on ‘Big Brother 16’ and then … Read more

Osasuna presents Manu Sánchez again and confirms that he used CVC funds for the signing of Moi Gómez

There are no two without three is a subject that can be applied to the story of Manu Sanchez con health. The left-back achieved his hat-trick of presentations with the red club on Tuesday. “I couldn’t be happier to continue at Osasuna. I always had hopes of coming back here,” he admitted. Manu Sánchez is … Read more

Alexis Sánchez could have a new destination in Europe

08/01/2022 at 19:58 IT IS The Chilean striker has reached an agreement with Inter Milan to terminate his contract The Tocopilla man will play for Olympique de Marseille for two seasons After several weeks of uncertainty, according to various Italian media, Alexis Sánchez is about to terminate his contract with Inter Milan to join Olympique … Read more

Rubén Sánchez charged against ‘Survivors’ and his speech during the final debate

The Final debate of Survivors 2022 He had a bit of everything, including a “slap on the wrist” from one of his contestants on the show himself. Latest ‘Survivors 2022’ debate revealed final percentages, with resounding absence Know more In addition to reveal your final percentagesof not being able to count on Nacho Palau, and … Read more

“Anabel Pantoja went to dust from ‘Let yourself be loved’

Toñi Moreno’s impressions after interviewing Anabel Pantoja and Omar Sánchez. Toñi Moreno: “If Yulen doesn’t understand the relationship between Anabel and Omar, let him see it.” Toñi Moreno admits that he was very sorry to see Anabel and Omar crying. Tony Moreno He was an indisputable witness to all that was experienced in the set … Read more

“I would like Alexis to have another chance at Barcelona”

07/21/2022 Law. at 6:56 p.m. IT IS Former Barca club captain assured the Chilean can still give a great performance Inter want to get rid of the striker as he has one of the highest salaries in Serie A Former Barça player Carles Puyol is visiting Chile to promote the Scotiabank National Children’s Soccer Championship. … Read more