Reverse Bizum, the new scam that can make you lose money in the easiest way

The Civil Guard and the National Cybersecurity Institute warn of this new scam, which does not require any type of “hacking” of the mobile phone ON Saturday, August 6, 2022, 1:56 p.m. The Bizum app is already part of the lives of many Spaniards as the easiest and most comfortable way to make small money … Read more

Endesa will invest 290 million in three years in Aragon, or 27% more, to improve the network, digitize it and give it greater capacity

In these times of energy crisis and Russian threat to cut off the gas supply to Europe, many Aragonese wonder if the thermal power plant in Andorra should not have remained operational for a few more years. This is the question that the journalists transmitted today to the general manager of Endesa in the act … Read more