Journey creator thinks games as a service is the healthiest way to make games

Current development cycles often prevent workers from enjoying a work-life balance. There are not a few cases of labor exploitation that have been reported in recent years, an evil that extends even to other industries. like the cinema. Regarding this same subject, Jenova Chenone of the most important developers behind the creation of Journeycommented in … Read more

12 refreshing proposals for summer in the Nintendo Switch eShop

Sponsored content In the wide variety of digital video games What can be found in eShop espaola of nintendo switch there are many titles ideal for summer: they are fun, original, refreshing and stimulating proposals, adapted to the different tastes of the community. Here is a selection of some of the best experiences you can … Read more

FIFA 23 showcases its new playables in a new full trailer

since we know that FIFA 23 arrive on September 30, electronic arts there EA Sports haven’t stopped sharing news: we know that there will be two World Cups (women’s and men’s), which don’t rely on russian teams and what will I have to Juventus exclusivelyin addition to their PC requirements. Today was also released a … Read more

Impressions Exoprimal: A cooperative shooter filled with dinosaurs

From the latest generation of consoles Capcom live a sweet moment: it’s not complicated to consider her as the developer third party currently in the best of creative health. But it is also putting all your eggs in the basket of the best known intellectual properties: monster hunter, resident Evil, street fightercompilations of his classic … Read more

Elden Ring and Pokémon Legends: Arceus boost game sales in Europe in 2022

As reported from GamesIndustry, in Europe 76.1 million games were sold in the first six months of the yearan increase of 13.5% compared to the same period in 2021. Of these, 32 million were games in physical format, while the remaining 44 million were sold in digital stores, even if it takes take into account … Read more

Glaceon debuts today in Pokémon Unite: How to get it for free and details

Pokémon Unionthe MOBA of pokemon franchise on Nintendo Switch and mobile had promised that Today, Thursday July 21the festivities will begin first anniversary event, and so it was. Together with update received this morning and among the many novelties that arrive in the game today, we must highlight the presentation of the new playable Pokémon: … Read more

Pokémon GO presents its Hisui region event with new starter Pokémon

The players of Pokemon GONiantic’s popular title, will receive great news very soon in the title and it is that the officials announced the event titled Discover Hisui which, precisely, include for the first time new Pokémon discovered in the ancient region of Hisui that we were able to meet in Pokemon Legends: Arceus of … Read more

Shattered Heaven, a story map roguelite, is coming to PC in late 2022

Leonardo Interactive (Origins of Simon the Sorcerer, Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle) announced that the roguelite Deck-building RPG with branching narrative broken sky to arrive at computer through the steam early access in the fourth quarter 2022. The title was financed thanks to sponsorship with Starter between June 15 and July 15, where he managed to raise … Read more

Analysis Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium, a new return to Capcom’s past

For years and thanks to the many compilations that arrive on the market, many of us have been able to realize one of our childhood dreams: have in our house all those games that have fascinated us since the arcades. Yes, in his time we had many adaptations for the consoles of the time, but … Read more

You can now pre-order God of War: Ragnark, the long-awaited sequel for PS4 and PS5

Brought to you by PlayStation The November 9 arrived God of War: Ragnark a PS4 and PS5the expected sequel of the hit game of 2018, one of the most acclaimed and unanimously appreciated in recent years. That’s why this sequel is a highly anticipated game, in which we can continue the epic adventure of Kratos … Read more