The high price of electricity “freezes” the ice cubes

This summer’s high temperatures have caught ice makers off guard. When consumer demand is greatest, there are fewer opportunities to acquire them. The mismatch between supply and demand comes from the unusual rise in the price of electricity since the end of last year. Up to six thousand euros could pay a small ice factory … Read more

Lotteries: Rain of prizes in Gran Canaria

Luck and fortune fall squarely this Saturday, August 6 at Gran Canaria. The August National Lottery extraordinary draw distributed about two and a half million euros, exactly 2,415,000 eurosthrough the three main draw lots, in the municipalities of Telde and San Bartolomé de Tirajanaespecially in the first, where 2.1 million fell in oneAdministration of La … Read more

The price of gas is cheaper for the first time in Spain than in the EU

The organized Spanish market of gas (MIBGAS) is at a “significantly Cheaper” that the EU’s European reference market, the TTF –Title Transfer Service, for its acronym in English-Dutch, due to Spain’s lesser dependence on gas supplies from Russia, being the first time this happens. According to the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC), last year … Read more

Spanish households appreciate the quality of digital services, but fear price increases | companies

Spanish households value the quality of the digital services they receive above other European households, but they are also more concerned about a possible increase in prices. This is one of the conclusions of an EY study on the digital home (Decoding the Digital Home), using data from a survey of 20,000 households in eight … Read more

launches the most disruptive edition of the Mallorca Atlántida Film Fest

13 films make up the official edition of the Mallorca Atlantis Film Fest, which will last eight days, from July 24 to 31 in representative places of the island such as Ses Voltes, Sala Rivoli and La Misericordia. The opening will take place with the national feature premiere ramon, produced by Madrid-based director and screenwriter … Read more

Winners and losers from rising interest rates | My money

Few were betting on an interest rate hike of such depth, double what was announced. The decision of the European Central Bank (ECB) to raise key rates by 50 basis points, up to 0.5%, will have an effect on euribor and, therefore, in the cost of funding some 4.1 million variable rate index-linked mortgages in … Read more