symptoms persisting months after covid

Fatigue and headaches are the most common symptoms reported by people who have spent an average of more than four months since having COVID-19, according to a study by researchers from Georgia Medical College (United States). The research, published in the scientific journal “ScienceDirect”, points out that muscle achesthe tosthem changes in smell and tastethe … Read more

How Your Favorite Songs Can Help Relieve Chronic Pain

Popular proverbs have several examples of how music can have a positive impact on people, and science has analyzed this influence many times. However, recent work by Anglo-Saxon researchers explores its use to relieve chronic pain. The studypublished in the journal PLOS ONEconcludes that people who believe they are in control of the track they … Read more

Person from Burgos positive for monkeypox: “Tears of pain fell from my eyes”

Eruptions secondary to monkeypox. / BC This young man living in Catalonia tells how the disease passed in July “There were four days of very high fevers, chills and on the third day the rashes appeared.” This is how RA, originally from Burgos but residing in Catalonia, details the first symptoms with which he suspects … Read more