Here are the six foods that help protect your gums

With regard to oral hygiene and maintenance, the teeth they are always the protagonists, they monopolize all the attention and leave in the background elements that are so important for nutrition and food like erasers. These are the base of the teethsupport and attach to the jaw bone. Maintaining healthy gums is not only aesthetic, … Read more

Three cabin suitcases to start our vacation on the right foot

Now that we are close to the Virgen de Agosto, we can start thinking about getaways or trips to rest from routine and work. And although in case of departure for a weekend or a few days, many of us are in favor of taking a backpack, cabin suitcases can be an excellent alternative. The … Read more

You don’t need shakes (or worse) to shake you

Maybe this sounds familiar Faster, deeper, stronger – usually (Faster, Higher, Stronger – Together) which has been the motto of the modern Olympic Games since 1896. With it, the spirit of sporting perfection is promoted, as well as fairness, diversity and solidarity. Today, in many gyms, some people have another motto. Making the joke would … Read more

“The longer the periods of breastfeeding, the lower the risk of obesity”

Luisa María Seaone has carried out an interesting study in which it is evident that the young of rodents that feed on lactation breastfed longer are less likely to be obese in adulthood, even when exposed to a high-fat diet. Published in the journal Natural metabolismthe results of this study, carried out between different institutional … Read more

the keys so that this does not happen to you

From time immemorial, human beings traveled long distances. was traveling by military campaigns, trade, the search for new territories to live in or, quite simply, the desire to discover new places. Today, the motivations are similar: business, tourism or, unfortunately, wars and migrations. The fact is that sometimes these displacements have been accompanied by the … Read more

the unexpected benefit of a pinch of salt for this heart problem

lessen salt intake is virtually universal advice while most of the western world, including Spain tends to sin more than excessively that of the defects of its consumption. It is known that the control of the sodium that we incorporate into the body is essential to improve pathologies such as heart failure and reduce the … Read more

Why appetite hormones are linked to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease

To eat or not to eat, that is the question. Insulin and leptin are the hormones in charge of regulating how much food do we need to eat. Their role is so crucial that resistance to these hormones can lead to a problem of obesitydiabetes or even Alzheimer’s. When we hear the word insulin, practically … Read more

the five anti-inflammatory fruits according to nutritionist Barquín

Elena Barquín, dietician-nutritionist at the Obesity Institute (Madrid) belonging to the Quirónsalud group, explains that anti-inflammatory foods are those who have a top content of antioxidantswith significant anti-inflammatory properties by blocking the formation of pro-inflammatory molecules. According to the specialist, the presence of phytochemicals in these foods is a factor that modulates the inflammatory response. … Read more