Why being (a little) stressed on vacation can be good for your health

ISABEL SERRANO-ROSA Updated Monday, August 8, 2022 – 13:12 The bone Stress detectors are found in your stomach, intestines, muscles, or head. If you start to feel discomfort in any of them, please exit the leisure part and activate the rest part. “Rest and enjoy!” It’s the advice we all give (and listen to) when … Read more

Tamara Falcó, the Marquise of Netflix

The influencer Tamara Falcó, Marchioness of Griñón, is the protagonist of the reality Tamara Falcó: The Marquisesix episodes in which she shows unknown facets of her life until now, even if as she points out herself: “Almost my whole life is told in the magazine Hello! “. Fun, carefree, loving and familiar, that’s how Isabel … Read more

“The Sandman”, Tom Sturridge talks about the physical change of his character

“The Sandman” stars Tom Sturridge and is directed by Allan Heinberg. Photo: Courtesy: Netflix “The Sandman” is out on Netflix, the dark fiction that brings the comics published by Neil Gaiman to television. However, its protagonist in the series, Dream, is quite different from what he is in the comics. A change that his interpreter, … Read more

These are the 3 outstanding series that you must see from August 8 to 14

DIFFUSION Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Star Plus shine again with their premieres for this week. Find out which new streaming series you can’t miss. For Noelia Rios 08/05/2022 – 20:09h UTC 08/05/2022 – 20:09h UTC © IMDBAndrew Garfield in Under the Sky Banner With the arrival of the weekend, streaming platforms are taking advantage … Read more

Netflix throws itself into the arms of Morpheus by adapting Neil Gaiman’s comic

According to the chronicles, CC of the early 90s, it was enough to kick a chair for a British screenwriter to seem like he wanted to be the new Alan Moore. Under the protection of the formidable publisher Karen Berger, this fifth (nicknamed ‘vertigo generation’, by the sub-label which will host it from 1993) was … Read more

What are VPNs? Users use them to access illegal content or to pay less for Netflix

Virtual private networks, better known by their acronym in English VPN, are services that guarantee the privacy of the user on the Internet. Thanks to them, Internet users can encrypt their connection and maintain your anonymity while browsing, shopping or banking online. Its origin dates back to 1996 and was developed by researchers from Columbia … Read more

The best series arriving in August on the platforms

In summer, there is always a good excuse to pack your bags, go on vacation, rest and, incidentally, become addicted to a series. This month of August, without going any further, several expected releases will accumulate in the catalogs of the platform. fans of Game Of Thrones have this month lit up in neon to … Read more

“La maison du dragon” and “Andor”: two of the series to see in August

“Andor,” the story of galactic spy Cassian Andor (Diego Luna), in a time before Star Wars began, is among the big series hitting platforms in August. Photo: Courtesy: Disney “The House of the Dragon,” a “Game of Thrones” prequel about the origin of the Targaryens, and “Andor,” the story of galactic spy Cassian Andor (Diego … Read more

5 recommended Netflix, Amazon or HBO series for this week

It sounds unbelievable but July is coming to an end and half summer goes with it. It’s sad, yes, but it can be clearly seen in the course of the series, which are already returning to the fray and some of which shamelessly display the literal return to class, like the return of Rebel or … Read more

Netflix seeks market favor with its ad-supported service to launch in early 2023 | Companies

The stock market gave Netflix a break yesterday. Its shares rose 7.35% yesterday after announcing on Tuesday that it would launch its cheaper, ad-supported plan in early 2023. Its aim is to attract more pocket-watching customers and thus help curb the decline in the number of subscribers, which continued. occur in the second trimester. Yes, … Read more