The Lord of the Rings, Hobbit rights sold to Embracer

[ad_1] Image: the Lord of the Rings The Embracer group, which slowly buying up every video game publisher and studio in the marketjust announced that they have purchased Middle-earth Enterprises, the company that owns the big- and small-screen rights to many of JRR Tolkien’s most important works, including the Lord of the Rings and The … Read more

the Swiss nudist commune that rebelled against the bourgeois order

Vegans, feminists, environmentalists, anti-marriage, anti-private property and libertarians, Monte Verità was a municipality that foreshadowed the great social movements which will implode in the 60s with May 68 and the hippies. It happened in “boring Switzerland”, in the canton of Ascona, near the border with Italy. The watchword was to overthrow the bourgeois order and … Read more

Cinema evenings screen twenty films in the open air in ten districts of Pamplona until August 29

This Monday evening begins a new edition of the Nights of the Cinema cycle. Pamplona City Council, via Internet Civivoxprogrammed twenty films on ten stages in as many districts of the city: the Parque de every housethe walk of Claythe park of Yamaguchithe lake park Mendillorrithe courtyard of the Palace of Ezpeleta in the Historical … Read more