Massive Study Reveals Blood Type Most at Risk for Stroke

Blood type determines the risk of having a stroke. / The North They identify which blood group is most likely to have a stroke before the age of 60 THE NORTH Thursday, September 1, 2022, 8:39 PM The strong impact around the world of this condition of the blood circulation make stroke a general concern … Read more

Two families from Navarre lead the largest tourist and residential project in Latin America in Brazil

Two families from Navarre plan to build in Brazil, 45 kilometers north of Rio de Janeiro, the largest tourist and residential complex in all of Latin America. A project called Maraey, which will include five-star hotels and 8,000 luxury residences and is set to become a tourist benchmark in Brazil, a country that continues to … Read more

CPI gives Spaniards biggest income drop in OECD

The negative effects of inflation on the economy continue to appear. last July, the CPI rose to 10.8%a historic and unprecedented figure which is already collaterally affecting the finances of the housesand not only by rising prices. In the first quarter of 2022, Spain recorded a 4.1% drop in disposable income per capita compared to … Read more

Bank of England approves biggest rate hike in 27 years, anticipates recession

The Bank of England (BoE) announces a further increase in official interest rates by 0.5%, the biggest increase since 1995, to 1.75%, the highest level since 2008. The central bank of the United Kingdom United Kingdom The UK warns that the inflation crisis is getting worse and reacts forcefully by making mortgages and loans more … Read more

Rufus Wainwright and the Greatest Gay Love Story Ever Told in Opera

Opening night ended, how could it be otherwise, with applause lasting over eight minutes, and Rufus Wainwright waving under a beautiful manila shawl and fantastic red shoes from an electrifying Wizard of Oz . Behind were three hours of an opera that was musically beautiful at times, savage at others, and a staging dominated by … Read more

Fatty liver linked to increased risk of heart failure

Accumulation of fat in the liver, known as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, is linked to an increased risk of heart failure over the next decade, according to an analysis of pooled data from available research, published in the Gut magazine. . Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease has been… Accumulation of fat in the liver, known as … Read more

Alliance between PRISA Media and the main Latin American media for the American advertising market | companies

PRISA Media, Clarín (Argentina), El Comercio (Perú), Milenio/Multimedios (México) y El Tiempo (Colombia) suman fuerzas y lanzan +MAS Audiences, an innovadora platform of programmatic publicity that connects to the anunciantes with the Latino mercado de United States. An initiative that brought together the main Spanish-speaking communication groups in the world with the common goal of … Read more

a mobile very similar to its big brother for 200 euros less

As every summer, Google has just launched the economical version of its very recent Pixel 6: the Pixel 6a. No doubt the Pixel 6, launched nine months ago, was one of the reveal phones of the year, proof is that Google it sold more units of this terminal than of all its predecessors combined; and … Read more

Winners and losers from rising interest rates | My money

Few were betting on an interest rate hike of such depth, double what was announced. The decision of the European Central Bank (ECB) to raise key rates by 50 basis points, up to 0.5%, will have an effect on euribor and, therefore, in the cost of funding some 4.1 million variable rate index-linked mortgages in … Read more