Level of health in old age and levels of glutamine and amino acids

As life expectancy increases, the presence of chronic diseases and multimorbidity (presence of several chronic diseases) also increases. One of the current social and health challenges is that the “extra” years of life are lived in good health by the elderly. Some socio-demographic aspects such as age, sex or socio-economic level have been considered as … Read more

An antitumor drug against obesity?

Obesity is a global health problem. One of the most recurrent therapeutic strategies is that which proposes to stop the expansion of adipose tissue (body fat) at the moment when the precursor stem cells proliferate and transform into fat cells. The S6K1 protein plays an indispensable role in this process. A study conducted by the … Read more

Twilight asteroids: what are they and why do they threaten the Earth?

So far, according to Helou, the ZTF has detected a handful of Atira asteroids in Earth orbit. He also discovered several asteroids on trajectories crossing the Earth, approximately one per week. Some come closer to us than the Moon, but none are big enough or close enough to be of concern. Most are intermediate in … Read more

FMCG sales increased by 11.5%. infoRETAIL magazine.

infoRETAIL.- Total sales of consumer goods on Spanish shelves during the month of June reached 4,453 million euros, 11.5% more than in the same period of the previous year. Inflation for most products explains this significant increase, although unlike the previous month, when demand fell by 2.9%, sales in volume recorded a rise of 1.4% … Read more

Castilla-La Mancha will buy 626,000 doses of flu and meningococcal vaccines

The government of Castilla-La Mancha has approved two investments totaling almost 8.4 million euros for the purchase of 600,000 doses of seasonal flu vaccine and another 26,000 doses of meningococcal conjugate vaccine for the vaccination of teenagers. The Minister of Equality and Spokesperson, Blanca Fernández, pointed this out and framed these two agreements of the … Read more

Copper defrauds the investor! Why I recommend never investing in gold. What is the price of silver? (silver price) Gold is quoted today at 1713.84 USD

foot. freepik.com What is the metal that can bring us the least long-term benefits? Gold, copper and silver are our target right now. Are you interested in knowing its evolution in the last hours? Their prices seem to be conditioned in our analysis today Wednesday 20 lipiec 2022 by currencies such as the US currency … Read more

Today, lipiec 20, the Endesa SA share is at 6,255 EUROS An interesting week for CIE Automotive! Fluidra chases the maximum Fear of the new industry of Endesa…

foot. freepik.com This morning we are in front of the data of the Spanish Ibex 35 index live: Follow us on YouTube! closing, capitalization, companies, shares, profitability, historical charts, all information on IBEX 35… CIE Automotive award for the Ibex35 €24.72 Price of Endesa SA of the Ibex35 €17,835 Ibex35 Fluidra Award €56.15 Ibex35 Multinational … Read more

We analyze the price of the Acerinox, the Ibex 35 in poor condition… These are the best moments of Almirall! What is happening with the Ibex 35 prices today, 20 lipiec 2022?

foot. freepik.com The Spanish Ibex 35 Index is the most important benchmark stock index of the Spanish Stock Exchange, made up of markets and stock exchanges of Spanish origin. It is made up of approximately 35 more volatile multinationals that are listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange Interconnection System on the 4 Spanish stock exchanges. … Read more

We analyze Iberdrola! Naturgy is putting the Ibex 35 in order. Watch out for investments in Repsol! What about Repsol share price today, 19 lipiec 2022?

foot. freepik.com We are facing the revision of the active elements, among others 32, the Ibex 35. Being Tuesday 19 Lipiec 2022, we are going to talk about Iberdrola, Repsol and Naturgy which are fully in the center of attention. What are the Ibex 35 index expert’s favorite companies? Do you trade stocks of this … Read more

These are the best moments of Almirall! Our hopes of winning with Ferrovial are gone! Solaria about to explode! Today, 19 lipiec, the Almirall share is at 10.56 euros EUR…

foot. freepik.com Today, Tuesday 19 lipiec 2022, we are faced with an analysis of the assets that are part of the Ibex 35, exactly, only three of them. Are you a Solaria, Almirall or Ferrovial investor? Either way, keep an eye out for the analysis of the three companies mentioned. Remember that the Ibex 35 … Read more