“You are the worst in the history of ‘Survivors'”

Tension and fights until the last day. Survivors 2022 closed this Sunday evening its edition in Telecinco with his Final debateat a gala organized by Charles Sovereign What revealed the percentages who lifted as a winner at Alexander Grandson in the final on Thursday and had the absence of Nacho Palauas we have already explained. … Read more

Kiko Jiménez discovers the wickedness that Gloria Camila does to Ana María Aldón

Kiko Jiménez assures: “Ortega Cano has no voice or vote, think what Gloría Camila thinks” Talk show host Gloria Camila didn’t want to give Ana María a wedding gift, “well, I’m going to give the gift to my dad” Gema Aldón responds to those who criticize her: “Achieving goals and keeping quiet” The collaborator of … Read more