Death with coronavirus | Covid deaths in July and August quadruple those suffered last summer in the Community

Specialist staff fitted with personal protective equipment as a precautionary measure for Covid transfer a coffin. / XEMA RODRIGUEZ Community adds 44 more deaths, including a 29-year-old girl, and death toll reaches 308 in just over a month Influenza infection covid decreed in mid-March, despite the opposition of a large part of health professionals, a … Read more

These are the best-selling cars in July

July sales ended with 73,378 sales, down 12.5% ​​from a year ago. This month is slower for private buyers, as the holidays begin and their purchases have slowed by 12.1%, to 31,330 units. This means that in the cumulative, individual customers were achieved with 210,645 cars and this figure is 1% lower than a year … Read more

Euribor closed July very close to 1%

The Bank of Spain confirmed that the 12-month Euribor closed the month of July on a monthly average of 0.992%. This shows that, compared to 0.852% in June, with which upward trend continues which began in early 2022, although data confirms that the indicator has slowed its progress over the past month. The rise in … Read more

Antena 3 (13.6%) remains unchanged in the July heat and leads for the ninth consecutive month

As much as Telecinco soared on one of its last nights of the month thanks to final of Survivors 2022, nothing has changed in the July audience numbers. Antena 3 is again in the lead for the ninth consecutive month. The Atresmedia channel reiterates the result with which it closed the 2021/2022 season, the first … Read more

Euribor moderates rise in July and resists reaching 1% despite ECB rate hike

In one 0.992% closed the euribor this month of July 2022. Everything indicates, given the advance that the benchmark of the variable mortgages so far this year, this month would be the month where it could break the 1% barrier, but it has not. Euribor has risen 0.14 points from June, the smallest increase since … Read more

“Survivors 2022” (16.9%) bids farewell with victory to its “final debate” on Telecinco

Survivors 2022 say goodbye to Telecinco with victory for his Final debate. The featured program by Carlos Sobera brings in 1.1 points and 320,000 viewers compared to last week, but exceeds in strict competition a su main rival, Unfaithful on Antenna 3. Latest ‘Survivors 2022’ debate revealed final percentages, with resounding absence Know more The … Read more

Ryanair crew strike | Ryanair strike ends with 319 cancellations and 3,700 delays after twelve days

The Spanish cabin crew (TCP) strike Ryanair ends this Thursday with a total of 319 cancellations and approximately 3,700 delays throughout the twelve days of July, as reported by the convening unions. In addition, the flight manager of the USO-Air sector, Ernesto Iglesias, regretted that the end of the call was settled with 11 crew … Read more