Reverse Bizum, the new scam that can make you lose money in the easiest way

The Civil Guard and the National Cybersecurity Institute warn of this new scam, which does not require any type of “hacking” of the mobile phone ON Saturday, August 6, 2022, 1:56 p.m. The Bizum app is already part of the lives of many Spaniards as the easiest and most comfortable way to make small money … Read more

Possible Fraud in Important Alzheimer’s Disease Research: What Are Its Implications?

What happened? A publication in the magazine Science uncovered a possible case of fraud in an important line of Alzheimer’s disease research. The wake-up call came from Matthew Schrag, a neurologist and neuroscientist at Vanderbilt University, and the magazine itself continued the analysis. Specifically, they identified that there were all manner of image manipulations in … Read more