Alonso didn’t ask to be Aston Martin’s ‘number one’ or big payday, says Krack

The negotiation was simple and the Asturian did not set these types of conditions Krack doesn’t rule out long-term future with Alonso and doesn’t see age as an issue Mike Krack, who will be Fernando Alonso’s new boss at Aston Martin from next season, assures the Asturian was not worried about having ‘number one’ status … Read more

Regalia and the Piastri affair: “It confirms the mismanagement of Alpine and Szafnauer”

The Argentine blames the team for not being clear on Alonso’s future after Hungary He sees the Alpine announcement as a desperate move to put pressure on Facundo Regalia points out that Alpine hasn’t handled Oscar Piastri’s situation well over the past two years. The Argentinian driver did not understand that the French structure announced … Read more

The keys to the Aston Martin project and why they aspire to win… in 2025

Lawrence Stroll’s aim is to reach the top of F1 in 2025 The keys to success: budget, facilities, staff and pilots Fernando Alonso will leave the Alpine “ship” at the end of this season to lead the ambitious Aston Martin project. Many fans have thrown their hands over their heads with this move, so we’re … Read more

McLaren announces the news to Ricciardo: Piastri will replace him in 2023

Those of Woking want to end their contract with the Australian after this season Ricciardo wants to continue in F1 and a return to Alpine seems a more feasible option McLaren have already communicated to Daniel Ricciardo that their intention is not to continue with him next season. Those of Woking want Oscar Piastri alongside … Read more

what awaits the Asturian rider in the remaining 10 GPs of the season

Fernando Alonso blow up the team Alpine. After a year and a half of waiting for them to keep their promises, tired of disrespect and, above all, affectionthe Spaniard broke the agreement he had with them to renew and, after negotiating behind his back for months, signed with Aston Martin. Alonso’s decision has revealed much … Read more

Ocon plays down Alonso defense in Hungary: ‘It’s the race’

The Frenchman was in the spotlight for his aggressiveness at the start against Alonso He thinks that Alpine did not choose the most optimal strategy by going for the hard tire Esteban Ocon downplays his on-track fight with Fernando Alonso in Hungary. The Frenchman tried to defend against his teammate at the start, but he … Read more

This is how the divorce of Alonso and Alpine took place, a story of mutual betrayals and broken promises

The term ‘soap opera’ is the most appropriate to explain the end of the relationship between Fernando Alonso there Alpine. The Asturian driver gave a swerve to what seemed like an already agreed renewal, even though what seemed like a few last fringes turned into an impossible stone to move. Alonso’s signing by Aston Martin … Read more

an insulted champion, a call last summer and an old friend

It was not necessary to wait for the end of the summer as they advanced Fernando Alonso as Alpine confirm the future their marriage, which ended in divorce. The Spaniard made a move before signing for Aston Martina team that is currently penultimate in the standings but has a much more attractive project for him … Read more

The Italian press, after Hungary: “Verstappen can stay three races at home”

From Italy they remember that no matter what, Verstappen will lead Singapore The only thing that helps Ferrari keep dreaming is math options The Italian press has reacted harshly to the 80-point lead in the World Cup with which Max Verstappen is going on vacation. Whatever happens, the Red Bull will remain in the lead, … Read more

Verstappen, return of champion in Hungary

07/31/2022 at 21:20 IT IS Max Vertstappen moved from 10th to claim his eighth win of the season, with another fiasco for Ferrari Another double for Mercedes on the podium, while Leclerc and Sainz were weighed down by Ferrari’s strategy Logic doesn’t go with it Max Verstappen. Not even with Ferrari. In Hungary, this weekend, … Read more