350 calories in one hour, delays aging and strengthens the buttocks

These are not good times for Shakira after going public with his separation from Gerard pricks. In the media spotlight for the a thousand and one rumors about the reason for their breakup, the singer decided to land between the two and go enjoy the sea and the waves in Cantabria, where the paparazzi captured … Read more

Housework and social relationships reduce the risk of dementia

Frequently do the houseworkwhich require physical and mental exercise, as well as participation in sporting activities and visits from family and friends, may help reduce the risk of developing dementia in old age, according to a study conducted by the Sichuan University (China). The research, which was published in the journal Neurologyanalyzed 501,376 people with … Read more

Reduces Anxiety, Improves Arthritis… Proven Health Benefits of Yoga

In 2014, the UN declared June 21 to be the International Day of yoga, a sporting and spiritual practice with benefits for physical and mental health. Like any discipline that helps us move and takes us away from a sedentary lifestyle, yoga has obvious health benefits, such as a lower risk of obesity or cardiovascular … Read more

Calisthenics or bodyweight training: these are the best exercises to gain muscle mass

Train It has great benefits for our body and for our health in general. Make the decision to start exercise It’s the beginning of a new world of physical well-being, provided you accompany it with a good diet. There are different types of coaching which can be adapted to each person to achieve the desired … Read more

The lowest risk of death is for adults who exercise between 150 and 600 minutes per week.

An analysis of over 100,000 participants over a 30-year follow-up period found that adults who practice two to four times the amount of physical activity currently recommended one moderate or vigorous exercise per week has a significantly lower mortality risk, according to a new study published in Circulation, the journal of the American Heart Association. … Read more

Here are the 7 sports and 10 exercises that boost sexual performance

The science has spoken: here are the 7 sports and 10 exercises that trigger sexual performance The primary goal of thousands of athletes that fill gyms daily is usually to lose weight and gain muscle but physical exercise has many more benefits and some of them directly affect the quality of our sexual relationshipsas the … Read more

Profand reaches 800 million in turnover and aims for 1,000 million in two years | companies

Profand wants to take the definitive step to position itself among the elite of large fishing groups with a focus on frozen products. The Galician group, owned by businessman Enrique García Chillón and in which Corporación Financiera Alba participates, closed the 2021 financial year with a turnover of 801.6 million euros, a growth of 22% … Read more