E-Vertic FX-Type: a very successful trail-type electric bike from Bianchi – News – Hybrids and Electrics

The iconic Italian bicycle company Bianchi announces the launch of a new range of electric bikes called E-Vertic, all designed around more or less radical use, but always with off-road capabilities in mind. Among all of them, the E-Vertic FX-Type stands out, while the E-Vertic FX-Type Pro stands out as the top of the range, … Read more

Cube Hybrid One, a long-distance electric bike with 200 km “autonomy” – Electric bikes – Hybrids and Electrics

New electric bike from the German manufacturer cube It goes way beyond a typical e-bike to get the rider to and from work. The Cube Hybrid One 500 is designed and manufactured to become, in some cases, a automotive substitute. Driven by a high-end Bosch electrical system And with a frame designed to go the … Read more

This magnesium electric bike with 50 km of autonomy costs less than 500 euros – Electric bikes – Hybrids and electrics

The design of Onebot S2 Electric Bike you may like it more or less, but no one can deny that it is, above all, extremely compact. Its ability to bend both the pedals and the stem and its 17.6 kilograms of weight allow it to be easily transported in a trunk or to travel with … Read more

NIU launches the SQi electric moped, with pedals and 75 km of autonomy – Electric Motorcycles – Hybrids and Electrics

The NIU SQi It can be described as one of the most elegant electric motorcycles in the entire catalog of the Chinese manufacturer. Although always it will take time to reach the European marketsince the launch will be in his country of origin, his pattern avant-garde and a large part of its Features. stand out … Read more

Vello Titanium folding electric bike, 10 kilograms and unlimited autonomy, where is the problem? – Electric bikes – Hybrid and electric

The personal urban mobility market experienced its turning point with the health crisis of these years. The electric bikes and other personal vehicles have become the alternative to public transport and the car. Electric bikes now have his moment of glory with a more varied offer than ever, even if in each of them it … Read more

Porsche will develop motors for its e-bikes and also for other brands – Electric bikes – Hybrids and electrics

The acquisition a few months ago of the entire German company Fazua was the turning point to show that Porsche has a real interest, well beyond marketing, in the electric bikes. Another demonstration of this is the new announcement made by the German brand. By joint venture created with Ponooc will develop high power drive … Read more

The Issimo 45 is an S-Pedelec qualified electric moped for its 3 operating modes – Electric Motorcycles – Hybrids and Electrics

The Italian two-wheeler manufacturer Fantastic launched a variant of the Fantic e-Scooter, presented at EICMA Milan 2021 which he describes as first gear pedelec electric bike (S-Pedelec) on the market. Although with current regulations, the Fantic Issimo 45 must be approved as electric mopedaspires to become a sustainable and practical urban mobility solution if one … Read more

Optibike R22 Everest: an electric bike with enough range to climb Everest – Electric bikes – Hybrids and electrics

And to Optibike R22 Everest could be compared to a car, it would be a supercar with absurd (but enviable) performance and within the reach of only a few. New electric bike from Optibike, one of the oldest e-bike manufacturers in the United States, is a complete waste of performance; a model that is only … Read more

Cobra, the electric bike with reversing camera and collision warning – Electric bikes – Hybrids and electrics

The Italian startup TOTEM designed the cobra electric bike with the intention of differentiating itself from the competition beyond design and performance. His intentions is to reduce the risk of accidentsfor which he set up on the bike a rear view camera which also warns of impending impacts to help the cyclist avoid them. In … Read more

Honbike U4, an electric bike that hides behind a minimalist design – Electric bikes – Hybrids and electrics

The Honbike U4 Electric Bike tries to surprise with its design and philosophy. Avoiding complex panels and too obvious electrical systems, this Japanese company has tried to simplify many things. clean paint hides the battery in its slash and one motor located in the hub of the rear wheel, they go almost unnoticed due to … Read more