Reduces Anxiety, Improves Arthritis… Proven Health Benefits of Yoga

In 2014, the UN declared June 21 to be the International Day of yoga, a sporting and spiritual practice with benefits for physical and mental health. Like any discipline that helps us move and takes us away from a sedentary lifestyle, yoga has obvious health benefits, such as a lower risk of obesity or cardiovascular … Read more

Bacteria that cause periodontal disease may increase Alzheimer’s risk

The periodontal disease, which affects the gums, may seem like a minor problem with little consequence. However, some research has linked it to very serious conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease or cardiovascular disease. There are even those who have come to detect a link to dementia. Bacteria in the gums However, a study carried … Read more

Why appetite hormones are linked to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease

To eat or not to eat, that is the question. Insulin and leptin are the hormones in charge of regulating how much food do we need to eat. Their role is so crucial that resistance to these hormones can lead to a problem of obesitydiabetes or even Alzheimer’s. When we hear the word insulin, practically … Read more

Patients with Covid-19 have a higher risk of suffering from these diseases after infection

With Covid-19 infections still through the roof in our country, after Health has notified 41,683 new cases of coronavirus, more than half of them in people over 60, it is important to note that the infection is not trivial. Indeed, although vaccines clearly fulfill their function and that patients can transmit the disease in a … Read more