The New Symptom That “Tells” You’ll Have Alzheimer’s in Years to Come

The decreased sense of smell of a person over time can not only predict loss of cognitive function. Its rapid decline – a sudden loss of sense of smell – may be a predictor of structural changes in brain regions that are important for the development of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in general. This is … Read more

the main disease hypothesis falters

The blind attempts over the past two decades to find an effective therapy against Alzheimer’s disease they may have an explanation: they were based on a theory supported by evidence, to say the least suspect. This evidence has just been exploded after the magazine revealed Science enough to many images used in major studies of … Read more

Multiple sclerosis soars in women in the 21st century while it stagnates in men

Three out of four cases of multiple sclerosis are diagnosed in women. While there is already a more than noticeable imbalance between the sexes, the trend seems to continue, mainly due to the evolution of women’s lifestyles over the last half century. “We have seen that the incidence in men is the same as in … Read more