One in eight people infected have prolonged COVID symptoms

The coronavirus is still there and, in addition, it leaves traces once the disease is defeated. And that is that one in eight adults (12.7%) infected with SARS-CoV-2 have long-term symptoms. This is suggested by a large Dutch study published yesterday in the journal The Lancet, which provides one of the first comparisons of persistent … Read more

Concern in San Fernando over monkeypox outbreak adds 12 infections associated with tattoo business

The alarm went off in San Fernando when it was confirmed late Saturday the existence of an outbreak of monkeypox which already accumulates a dozen infected people and which is linked to a local tattoo business which was closed by Health as a preventive measure led yesterday to Island Town Hall quickly contact the health … Read more

Male Dogs Are More Likely To Get Contagious Nose Cancer By Smelling Other Dogs’ Genitals – NIUS

Sneezing, snoring and bloody secretions are the most common symptoms of this dog cancer It tends to occur more frequently in countries with a high number of stray dogs It is one of the oldest cancers. It comes from a husky-like animal that lived thousands of years ago in Asia Normally, we don’t think of … Read more

These are the four main symptoms of coronavirus in the seventh wave of infections

The Valencian health group Ribera warns of the high incidence of this new wave of covidwhich causes a fever of more than 38 degrees the first two or three days, more cases of loss of smell and taste, sore throat and ear pain. Dr. Antonio Valdivia, head of preventive medicine at the Ribera Health Group … Read more