“I proposed that we be brave and open up to tell the unknown Labordeta”

‘Labordeta, a man without more’ It will hit commercial screens across Spain on September 23. documentary film about Jose Antonio Labordeta who co-directed his daughter Paula and Gaizka Urresti It has been forged in recent years, and has crystallized in a 94-minute work that develops an intense, emotional and detailed narration of the man, beyond … Read more

Playing the crazy in an action movie is the funniest role: Brad Pitt

brad pitt stars in an adrenaline-filled journey in “High-speed train” which hits theaters this Friday, August 5. Adaptation of the novel by Kôtarô Isaka, in the new film by David Leitch (‘John Wick’, ‘Atomic’, ‘Deadpool 2’) the shining star plays Ladybug, a fearsome hitman who must complete a seemingly simple mission on the bullet train … Read more

the Swiss nudist commune that rebelled against the bourgeois order

Vegans, feminists, environmentalists, anti-marriage, anti-private property and libertarians, Monte Verità was a municipality that foreshadowed the great social movements which will implode in the 60s with May 68 and the hippies. It happened in “boring Switzerland”, in the canton of Ascona, near the border with Italy. The watchword was to overthrow the bourgeois order and … Read more

If You Can’t Wait To See ‘Bullet Train’, You Can’t Miss These 10 Full Speed ​​Movies

The cinema has never stopped talking about train journeys since January 1896, when the Lumières screened their film “The arrival of a train at La Ciotat station” in front of a speechless audience. And that makes sense because, after all, both the occupants of a car and the spectators of a film are both still … Read more

Cinema evenings screen twenty films in the open air in ten districts of Pamplona until August 29

This Monday evening begins a new edition of the Nights of the Cinema cycle. Pamplona City Council, via Internet Civivoxprogrammed twenty films on ten stages in as many districts of the city: the Parque de every housethe walk of Claythe park of Yamaguchithe lake park Mendillorrithe courtyard of the Palace of Ezpeleta in the Historical … Read more

RTVE.es presents the trailer for “The Rite of Spring”, by Fernando Franco

RTVE.es presents the trailer for Spring consecration, the third feature film by director Fernando Franco, What will compete for the Golden Shell at the 70th San Sebastian International Film Festivalwhich will be held from September 16 to 24, 2022. The film, which has the participation of RTVE, hits theaters September 30. This will be the … Read more

Civivox fills Pamplona with activities: here is the complete program

The Civivox red has planned for August a series of activities focused on music, cinema and theatercon free shows and suitable for all audiences. Moreover, the families They will have their own space in the Courtyard of Ezpeleta Palace, where boys and girls can enjoy the afternoons accompanied by their families. For some activities it … Read more