Anne Igartiburu will try herself as a singer in ‘Your face sounds to me’

The latest edition of ‘Your face speaks to me’ (Antena 3) said goodbye with a 25.4% audience share. XIV Vitoria Television Festival The presenter signs for the successful format of Antena 3, which is committed to programming “innovative and open to all audiences” in its new season Throughout her career, Anne Igartiburu has had to … Read more

Mallorca take on a team of champions

They remain undefeated, but no longer undefeated. Mallorca drew against Napoli in their fifth try of the pre-season (1-1). A goal from RaĆ­llo, in the 54th minute of the match, compensated for the initial goal scored by Osimhen, from the penalty spot. Against the most demanding rival to date, the vermilions showed their faces and … Read more

Pink Floyd baptizes the face of the first European in history

The website of Atapuerca closes a campaign “prodigal of archaeological and paleontological discoveries”, they say from the foundation that bears his name in a press release where they take stock of a month of excavations. Undoubtedly, the great protagonist was the partial face of a human being, who lived in the Sierra de Atapuerca around … Read more