Prodiel renounces all signed projects for the construction of photovoltaic parks

saved by the bell. Ángel Haro and the Catalan Godia family, main owners of Prodiel, They managed to save the group specializing in the construction and development of photovoltaic parks by refinancing 144 million euros from suppliers and banks. The company saw its sales drop in 2021 to 304 million, which led it to record … Read more

Utilities warn against halting renewable energy investment due to tax

The bosses of electricity, oil and banks charge in storm against the tax. The banks anticipate that the new tax will be an economic burden and that it will cause a contraction in credit concessions in the midst of the crisis. The big energy companies and the big banks are revolting against the government for … Read more

Banc Sabadell gains 78% boosted by its subsidiary TSB and lower costs

Sabadell Bank obtained an attributed net profit of 393 million euros until June, which represents an increase of 78% compared to the same period last year. The entity again benefited from the positive result provided by the British subsidiary, TSB, with 54 million euros, which already adds six quarters of positive contribution to the group; … Read more

Sánchez triggers tension with bank tax: technicians warn of possible illegalities

Pedro Sanchez agree with Podemos punish the bank as part of its so-called anti-inflationary measures. It was never a technical measure: it was purely populist and demagogic. And, how could it be otherwise, reality turned against Sánchez. Your technicians have already warned you to charge another tax on commissions or apply new taxes on financial … Read more

Telefónica and Liberty plan to buy TalkTalk in the UK for $3.6 billion

Telefónica and Liberty, the 50% owners of Virgin Media O2, the joint UK subsidiary of the two, are considering buying telecommunications company TalkTalk, according to Sky News. However, the British television channel indicates that negotiations have just started and that the operation could not be completed. In negotiations, TalkTalk would be valued at 3,600 million … Read more