Strikes at Iberia Express and Ryanair leave 6 cancellations and 274 delays

The new strike day for cabin crew (TCP) in Iberia Express there Ryanair left six canceled flights and 274 delays on Tuesday, according to the USO union, organizer of the two protests, along with Sitcpla, in the case of the Irish airline. The six cancellations correspond to Iberia Express, which preemptively canceled three return services … Read more

40,000 Spaniards reportedly suffered marijuana scam

Over the past few hours, there’s been a lot of fuss over the “marijuana scam”. Customers of a company called juicy fields, based in Germany, claims to have been scammed. The company promised returns of up to 65% to those who invest in growing medical marijuana, but that disappeared overnight. In the meantime, many customers … Read more

More than 2,180 companies in Malaga request help from the digital kit for SMEs and the self-employed

A total of 2,181 companies between ten and less than 50 employees demand in Malaga digital kit aid for SMEs and self-employed promoted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation to promote the digitization of small businesses, micro-businesses and the self-employed, and thus contribute to the modernization of the Spanish productive fabric. The … Read more

Hydroelectric – Hydroelectric plants set the price of electricity at 362 hours in the most expensive month in history

The least expensive electricity, that produced by hydroelectric plants, hyper amortized (some have been in operation for more than a hundred years), that generated with a public resource such as water (whose use is subject to administrative concession) is what put the wholesale market price for more hours in the most expensive month in electricity … Read more

already lets you shop in its most important marketplace

WhatsApp has long ceased to be the application that was only used to communicate with friends, family and other people. Over the years has become a business tool. First with common messages between customers and companies, then with a dedicated proposal thanks to Whatsapp Business. One of the coolest features of the aforementioned platform is … Read more

Controversial macro-event in Madrid on cryptocurrencies

Telecinco editorial/informative/European press 08/27/2022 7:45 p.m. Many young people are attracted to the idea of ​​becoming millionaires in a short time with cryptocurrenciesNews telecinco The WiZink Center of Madrid celebrate this saturday macroevent with followers of cryptocurrencies. With tickets sold out, gather 7,000 people. However, the act is surrounded by controversy and criticism. The PSOE … Read more