Men’s Health’s foolproof remedy to lose weight and lose up to 1 kg per week

Surely you have resorted to this news in search of the best tips for losing weight or tips for taking care of your figure. Indeed, many of us have tried to lose those extra pounds at some point to improve our physical presence and also our health. And yes, many of us who have resorted to all kinds of diets to achieve this, sometimes with more effect than others.

good review Men’s Health US just unveiled an infallible secret, a method with which you can lose up to 1 kg per week It doesn’t matter what type of body you have. As you have read, up to four kilos per month if you follow these tips to lose weight with your diet.

This, yes, you should know that the terms related to miracle diets or losing weight in a very short time require a lot of effort and often they are not durable. The keys to carrying out a diet with all the guarantees of success are perseverance, betting on a balanced menu and, above all, willpower. From now on, it will also be necessary to include the practice of physical exercises in your routine.

Top tips for successful dieting

As we have already told you, change and bet on a healthy lifestyle that unifies a balanced diet and physical exercise is the quickest and most direct path to success.

Now, according to Men’s Health You can speed up the weight loss process with a series of guidelines that can end up helping ensure your weight loss isn’t a flash in the pan.

Men’s Health clarifies that food is the key to dieting, even if starving doesn’t have to be. Rather quite the opposite. Therefore, the commitment of the prestigious magazine is clear:

  • Diet rich in fruits and vegetables

  • Animal and vegetable proteins and carbohydrates

  • Sugars and fats are prohibited

  • alcohol prohibited

“Fruits and vegetables are low in calories and fat, and high in fibre: three essential ingredients for successful weight loss“, assure the experts of the British health system (NHS). “They also contain many vitamins and minerals,” they add.

Calorie deficit: what is it and why is it so important?

The other key, according to Men’s Health, is that the aforementioned calorie deficit occurs, which is nothing more than consuming more calories than your body ingests. This is why it is necessary to combine your diet with two types of exercise:

  1. Cardiovascular (e.g. going for a run or a walk)

  2. strength exercises

“Staying active is the key to losing weight and keeping it off”, they claim in the NHS. It’s about “finding an activity you enjoy that can fit into your routine.”

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