Anne Igartiburu will try herself as a singer in ‘Your face sounds to me’

The latest edition of ‘Your face speaks to me’ (Antena 3) said goodbye with a 25.4% audience share.

XIV Vitoria Television Festival

The presenter signs for the successful format of Antena 3, which is committed to programming “innovative and open to all audiences” in its new season

Marie Rego

Throughout her career, Anne Igartiburu has had to dive into the hearts of music stars such as Julio Iglesias, la Pantoja, David Bustamante or Malú and now she may also have to slip down their throats. The Basque presenter, who has already tried her luck as a singer in the last ‘Mask singer’, will take part in the next edition of ‘Tu cara me sonidona’, one of the projects that has given Antena 3 “the most joy” and which will also feature Josie, stylist, fashion analyst and collaborator in different programs, among its competitors. “It took us a long time to convince Anne but she was very enthusiastic from the start and she is already rehearsing thoroughly,” explained Carmen Ferreiro, director of entertainment programs at Atresmedia, who announced the two signings yesterday at the Televisión Festival. of

The musical program which won the “triumph” Agoney in its last edition is now in its tenth season with a successful format which has been sold in more than sixty countries. It is one of those hallmarks of Antena 3 in its commitment to the whitest entertainment, with “innovative programming open to all audiences”, defended Ferreiro as “leitmotif”, once again, of his barbecue for the fall-winter. In their offer, they will repeat legendary contests such as ‘La roulette de la chance’ or ‘Pasapalabra’ and audience successes such as ‘El hormiguero’ – a “differential” program where the singer Becky G or the actor Daniel Craig- and ‘La voz’, which is “in full recording” with Laura Pausini, Antonio Orozco, Luis Fonsi and Pablo López in the “coach” seats and Raphaël, as a novelty, in the role of adviser.

Joaquín’s leap to television

But the channel also continues to seek “brands of its own creation” – the award-winning “The Challenge” is one of the examples – and soon, in this sense, it will premiere “Joaquín, el novato”, which yesterday already offered an exclusive screening at FesTVal. “It’s a very honest program, which can be seen with a smile. Let’s not expect to laugh”, warned the head of entertainment at Atresmedia, convinced that the Betis footballer – absolute protagonist of this new space where he tries his hand at different jobs – “a long career” awaits him on television And the experience is not lacking for Manel Fuentes, one of the star presenters of the house, who will host “Catch a million” when he returns to the small screen.Antena 3, yes, is not closed to international proposals and will bring next season “The 1% Club”, a competition sweeping the UK and testing participants’ “true intelligence”.

The channel is preparing new episodes of ‘Mask singer’, ‘Catch a million’ or ‘The voice’ and will launch competitions such as ‘The 1% club’

With this “mix” of formats, the channel hopes to renew “the good audience results” harvested last year where entertainment was a “fundamental element of this leadership”, said Ferreira. On his grill, on the other hand, “there is no place” for the moment for a program like ‘Opération Triomphe’, to which Netflix opened the door last Tuesday during the presentation of its programming at the Vitorian competition.

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