An NFT-filled MMO Viking crashes and ended its journey with 1 million debts, and all for trusting Luna

the future of NFT in the video game it is far from being good. Neither regular nor with a view to improvement, but rather we are facing a pit where it seems impossible for the projects that have opted for this digital economy to rise. In case of Northern Guild It is as curious as the one already mentioned wild islandsand it is that the two share a particularity: two projects that trusted tokens non-expendable and have ended lose everything.

In this case, we are talking about another indie and low-budget game that sought to build its entire structure under a cryptocurrency: Luna, in this case. The Pixie Interactive studio would have decided to make the decision to expand your capital base invest approximately US$800,000 in cryptocurrencies and thereafter lose everything His value in just one month.

If we attend the Coins Market Chart on the value of Luna during this year 2022, the cryptocurrency has reached a peak of more than $116 for each of these tokens. A situation of prosperity for those who decided to invest there after several months of constant rise, which came to a halt last May, when Luna lost the 99.9% of its valuefalling too much less than 1 cent for each moon.

A one-card game where the senior members of the team would have sacrificed all the investment of their main producers, their own and that of all the team members in order to buy Luna parts. This situation turned into a disaster and, según ha compartido Martijn van Wezela former member of the Pixie Interactive studio, the team has been “live a nightmarea tragedy so to speak” since last May.

Wezel says that in June, Pixie faced a debt nearly a million dollars, which led the American authorities to enter properties associated with the study and even led to the closure of its website, inaccessible today. Shortly after, all the members of Pixie lost their jobs and could not receive financial compensation for this since, according to what he says, the studio is in bankruptcy.

The former worker is clear that the main ringleaders of this debacle, Wesley and Thom, have fled and will not show their faces

In fact, it’s not just that the studio itself has nothing to pay its former workers, but that the Wesley Peters, CEO of the game and one of those who made the decision to invest in cryptocurrencies, is personally bankrupt. A very difficult situation that Wesley himself and Thomas KonigCEO of the study, would have harvested months earlier with expensive business trips in order to seek investors outside the team and, with them, to increase the number of Moons in their pockets, which also earmarked funds wasted for taxes.

Wezel himself and the game’s Discord channel anticipate that “certain team members are working to preserve the Northern Guild brand and content.” Despite everything, the declaration of this former worker ends with a resounding and cutting “Pixie Interactive is dead“, so it seems that even with the license and a year of work in their possession, the independent studio will not take off.

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