Strikes at Iberia Express and Ryanair leave 6 cancellations and 274 delays

The new strike day for cabin crew (TCP) in Iberia Express there Ryanair left six canceled flights and 274 delays on Tuesday, according to the USO union, organizer of the two protests, along with Sitcpla, in the case of the Irish airline.

The six cancellations correspond to Iberia Express, which preemptively canceled three return services connecting Madrid to Palma de Mallorca, Seville and Tenerife North, on the tenth and final day of its TCP strike, after relocating 100% of affected customers to other flights or means of transport alternatives.

Iberia Express and USO fail to reach an agreement and the strike continues until September 6

As for the delays, 268 occurred in the Ryanair operation, where the strike is called until next January 7, with weekly days from Monday to Thursday; and six in the low-cost subsidiary of Iberia, depending on the social part.

Iberia Express, however, it acknowledges up to seven flights with delays of more than 15 minutes, but all caused by “operational reasons totally unrelated to the strike”.

During the ten days of the first strike in the history of Iberia Expressthere were 60 canceled flights, 100 with delays and 94 which were not listed as minimum services, were operated from London and were covered by ‘storage’ from other IAG Group companies, according to the USO .

Iberia, Air Europa and Vueling top the list of Europe’s most punctual airlines in July

Spokesperson for USO-Iberia Express Christian Cabanillas He explained that, during the strike, some 1,011 flights were scheduled, of which 92 were not covered by the minimum services and, of these, 60 had been previously canceled by the company and the remaining 32 had been carried out. without any type of operational problem. .

For the union, it is therefore a question of minimum benefits “very abusive”, with which the TCPs saw their right to strike very limited.

a new meeting

Iberia Express summoned the union sections tomorrow to the negotiating table with the “firm commitment” not to interrupt the talks until they have found an agreement valid for both parties.

The company stressed that it is very sensitive to the situation of all its workers, also to that of its TCP, and wants to update the conditions of its first collective agreement, which was extended over time due to the context generated in 2020 by the pandemic.

The Union He hopes to see this “goodwill” from the company at tomorrow’s meeting and that negotiations move forward and workers receive “everything they already deserve, having been since 2015 without any form of update on the wage level”.

USO is asking for a 6.5% wage increase from 2021, a requirement it is unwilling to lower, another union spokeswoman says Stephanie Diaz.

Strike at Ryanair

With regard to ryanair, where TCPs in Spain have been protesting since late June, more than 3,000 people filed complaints this summer against the airline via

This company on line of legal services explains that the complaints initiated on its website against Ryanair between June and August are mainly due to flight cancellations with less than two weeks notice and delays exceeding three hours andn arrival at destination, both cases subject to compensation of up to 600 euros.

Only in 2021, Ryanair had to pay clients more than 67,000 euros for its workers’ strikes in 2018, after going to court. A figure that rises to 490,000 euros if we take into account the claims from that year to the present day.

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