Orozco, Miguel Ríos and Manu Chao, luxury trio to close the Sonna Huesca Festival

the monastery of The Chartreuse Notre-Dame des Sourcesof Sarinenafinalize all the details to live a great weekend of music since it will be the theater of the closing from Nature Sounds Festival (Sonna) organized by the Provincial Council of Huesca. And he will do it with a luxury trilogy hand in hand with the concerts of Antoine Orozco (Friday 9), Miguel Rios and the Black Betty Trio (Saturday 10) and Manu Chao (Sunday 11).

Just as Juan Perro did in 2020 or Amaral and Rozalén last year, the Cartuja will put the finishing touches to the third edition of a competition that has traveled through unique outdoor spaces in the ten counties Alto Aragonese with 27 music, circus and para-theatrical arts showssince it was inaugurated on July 8 in the town of Tamarite de Litera.

The bone only three paid concerts of the entire program (most performances only requiring the payment of a 1 euro seat reservation fee) have already reached three quarters of their capacity (2,000 people each), but there are still tickets left. The prices are 35 euros for Orozco, 30 for Miguel Ríos and 21 for Manu Chao.

With over 1.5 million records sold, one diamond record, ten platinum records and numerous gold records, Antonio Orozco is one of the most successful and beloved artists in Spanish music. From the beginning, the successes marked a career with more than 2,500 concerts in Spain, Europe and Latin America.

With their tenth album, ‘avionics’, embarked on its most international tour to date, which ended last summer with 53 concerts, 50 of which were sold out and more than 80,000 spectators. In 2022, he will continue his tour in Spain and will land in the last quarter at the Wizink Center in Madrid or the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona.

The return of a rock legend

Whereas, Miguel Rios He came back on stage with his ‘Long Time’ Tour next to his new group, The Black Betty Trio. Last year, this tireless rocker released “El blues de la Senioriage”, his first unreleased song in 12 years; ‘The Ascent of Cain’, a comprehensive review that reflects on the pandemic and the most fragile points of our system; and finally, a new LP which was released in June 2021 under the title which gives its name to the current tour, ‘A long time’.

Accompanied by a original acoustic format -without drums, but with guitars, piano, violin or mandolin- but electrifyingwill perform the new repertoire, with songs from the new album, special versions and the greatest hits.

And the final fireworks will arrive on Sunday with the multifaceted French artist of Spanish origin Manu Chaofounder of black hand. The Sonna Huesca organization announced its incorporation into the program in August and the capacity is very close to being completed.

Mythical songs from his works ‘Clandestino’, ‘Próxima Estación Esperanza’ or ‘Desaparecido’ will resonate at the concert of this reference in world, multicultural and multilingual music, where they mingle rock, punk, reggae or ska and lyrics of social denunciation with a strong emotional charge, addressing issues such as immigration, economic and social marginalization or life on the streets. The last time he performed in the province was on July 25, 2012 at the Pirineos Sur Festival in front of 5,500 people. This time it will be a concert at acoustic formula.

A “cultural engine” of Monegros

The Provincial Council of Huesca has always been committed to making La Cartuja the “cultural engine” of Los Monegros. Since 2015, pressed by groups of citizens, he has come to the aid of this monastery which was on the red list of the heritage of Hispania Nostra, has invested more than 2.5 millionincluding the 921,000 euros intended for the restoration of the more than 2,000 square meters of murals by Fray Manuel Bayeu, Goya’s brother-in-law. Every Saturday and Sunday -or public holidays- there are guided tours at 11:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

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