League of Legends: Wild Rift invites us to celebrate its anniversary with version 3.4: Festival of Might

Celebrate the anniversary of League of Legends: Wild Rift

Riot Games has shared a preview of all the content in version 3.4 of League of Legends: Savage RiftPower Day.

The content will bring us all these champions:

  • Gwenthe devoted seamstress, goes to the top lane to enjoy life.
  • And the Undying, returns from the spirit realm as a top and middle melee champion.
  • vex, La Lugubre arrives in the central street with a face of sucking lemons. Accompanied by her anxiety and her friend Sombra, Vex is a yordle full of combos, sarcasm and negativity.
  • Warwick, Zaun’s Unrestrained Rage is a melee jungler that excels at hunting low health enemies.

Riot will be improving the AP item system, which means making changes to items like Liandry’s Torment and new things like Cosmic Rush. Additionally, two new support starters are coming: Spectral Sickle and Relic Shield, each focusing on offensive and defensive skills. Both items grant up to three charges which you can use to pressure lane for gold when an ally is nearby.

In addition, some support enchantments will also be added and improved.

  • crackmaker: Grants omnisuck and when fighting against champions, a stack is gained. Each stack increases the damage dealt, and at max stacks, that extra damage becomes true damage.
  • Snake Fang: This item comes straight from League of Legends for PC as an anti-shield option for AD assassins. It works exactly the same as its PC counterpart, so it’s more effective to use on melee champions and reduces the effectiveness of current and future shields for a short time after Serpent Fang’s wielder hits an enemy champion .
  • Imperial Mandate: Similar to its PC version, this item deals bonus damage and marks enemy champions by slowing or rooting them. Marks can be consumed by allies for additional damage and movement speed.
  • cosmic pulse: Active abilities and empowered attacks grant bonus movement speed and ability after dealing damage to an enemy champion. This bonus movement speed decreases over time. Cosmic Rush’s other passive, Hyperdrive, also grants movement speed.
  • Relic Shield: After accumulating gold with this item, he transforms into Targon’s Buckler. While near an allied champion, abilities and attacks consume a charge to run minions below a certain percentage of max health. When you kill a minion, the bearer and a nearby ally receive a percentage of the gold and the bearer is healed. This effect recharges.
  • Spectral brings: Grants attack damage or power (adaptable). When near an allied champion, damage attacks and abilities against champions or structures grant gold. This effect recharges every second. Earning enough gold with this item transforms into Crescent of Harrowing.
  • Meteor Charm: Illuminates an area and then summons a meteor, dealing a certain percentage of each enemy’s maximum health as magic damage.
  • Protection Charm: Increases the power of the next heal or shield used by its wearer. Does not affect heals or shields from items or runes.


Whatever your level, we hope the season is going well and that you can’t wait to play in season 7.

We’ve been tracking Legendary Queue and have a few updates to watch out for. Highly competitive players rely on their teammates to take on the champions they’re best at, so we’re adding a new way to access the Legendary Queue based on your Champion Mastery.

This will force you to only choose champions that you have high enough mastery with. If you want to face a new champion, you will need to have experience with him in other queues.

With the arrival of the next ranked season will also come a glorious new champion. Is it the personification of self-love… or self-centeredness? Glorious Crimson Draven will arrive in Ranked Season 7. You can get it from seasonal rewards starting in October.

wild pass

Changed how you level up and claim Wild Pass rewards. The Extra Rewards section is now the Wild Pass Emporium. The progression increases from 51 levels to 75, but you can get the rewards in any order you want. Earning enough Emporium rewards will earn you a Wild Pass skin bonus.

Additionally, there are two new ways to gain experience. All players will have a set of simple, repeatable quests available to them that reward Wild Pass experience for playing. These missions are capped and reset every week, so you’ll progress just by playing.

For the elite pass, new seasonal quests will be added for you to get the rewards you want from the emporium, those who purchase the pass having the elite pass will receive a random skin chest at level 1, but instead of one random skin, you can narrow down the options to a single role: top, mid, jungler, duo, or support.

After that, we will have a busy October that will start with a frantic battle between expert fighters. For honor and victory, you must choose a side and compete in an epic martial arts tournament in the Supreme Cells event. This idle mode will allow you to train your fighter so they can compete in the tournament and get rewards, even if you can’t play a few games every day.

Finally, make way for the Vex cavalcade…I mean…the Haunted Vex Bingo event. Have fun playing bingo to greet our shadow yordle with what she loves most in the world: a smile.

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