Ana Terradillos joins the permanent cast of Mediaset España presenters with a long-term contract

  • The journalist begins a new professional career next Monday as presenter of ‘Cuatro al Día’.

Journalist Ana Terradillos commits from Monday 5 September, a professional new step stably in Mediaset Spain after signing a long-term contract with the company, through which he is part of the group’s powerful presenting cast.

It will be the new driver of ‘four a day’the news program produced in collaboration with Unicorn Content which launches the season increase your connections at street level to analyze the economic and social issues that cause the most uncertainty among citizens, strengthen its field of investigative journalism and the inauguration of new sections:

  • ‘The official car of Four a day’: interview section in which the main protagonists of the news will be accompanied on different routes.
  • Large consumer department: in times of great economic uncertainty, this space will establish permanent contact with the main consumer associations of the country, either to analyze the information of interest produced, or as a preventive measure, with advice and recommendations.
  • “The corner of youtubers”: the program will give the floor to new communicators who have become major influencers of social networks and will discuss their current role.

In addition, the program will integrate in its analysis table new professionals like Antón Losada, political scientist; Eduardo Bolinches, economist; José María Olmo, investigative journalist; Óscar Tarruella, criminologist; José Cabrera and Patricia Alcaraz, respectively forensic psychiatrist and specialist in forensic medicine; and Serafín Giraldo, police inspector, among others.

Terradillos, journalist experienced in radio microphones

After replacing Ana Rosa Quintana at the head of ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’ and collaborating in various news outlets on Mediaset España, Terradillos assumes the duties of presenter of the program ‘Cuatro al día’, which she will then take over for a few weeks last July as a replacement for Joaquín Prat.

A graduate in journalism from the University of Navarre and in political science from the UNED, Ana Terradillos began her professional career in the COPE network in San Sebastián, her hometown, to sign soon after for the SER. An expert in terrorism and security, she covered the war in Iraq in 2003 and traveled to the Middle East on numerous occasions to cover various conflicts such as those in Gaza and to carry out various work with terrorist groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria and Salafist groups linked to Al-Qaeda in southern Lebanon. In 2011 she began her work in television in ‘Las Mañanas de Cuatro’ and ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’, a space of which she was part until joining as presenter of ‘Cuatro al día’ in July last. As a writer, she published ‘Living After Killing’, a book that collects the testimonies of former ETA terrorists who have decided to turn their backs on violence. His track record includes the Civil Guard Prize 2019 in the radio category for his reporting on the work of agents in Mauritania to combat illegal immigration.

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