ROCIO CARRASCO | Rocío Carrasco talks about Ortega Cano’s severe addiction: ‘What I say is true’

Rocio Carrasco continues in shock, through the docuseries’In the name of Rocio‘, why he does not currently have a relationship with any member of his media family and in episode 12, which can already be seen in Moreput the accent on José Ortega Cano and in the children his mother had with the bullfighter, José Fernando and Gloria Camila.

Without half measures, the daughter of sworn dew talks for the first time about the serious car accident suffered by the widower of ‘La más grande’ in 2011 – in which a person died, carlos parra – and assures that Ortega’s alleged drinking problems didn’t start when his mother died, as the right-hander has admitted on occasion: “He had this problem long before my mother got sick . It’s true that it increases when she dies, he becomes disoriented, he is in shock, but the problem comes from before. And all of us who’s been there day to day and lived in that house know what I’m saying is true.

Looking back, Rocío talks about the bullfighter’s accident – for which she served two years in prison – and through tears she remembers how serious it was when she discovered that her brothers’ father was very serious, despite the fact that their relationship had already been quite distant: “I go to the hospital from the moment I find out because I have blood in my veins, I’m human. And he, in more than being a human being, was the father of two small children, who were my brothers”, he underlines, stressing with emotion that “these two children had remained without a mother and could find themselves without a father, after what these children carried on their backs before coming to Spain”.

“I always had a hunch something like this was going to happen eventually,” he says, revealing he’s “more than once” passed Ortega on the freeway since. Seville for the good weed and “he almost ran me over with the car.” “I always had it in me that something like this would end up happening at some point,” he admits, stabbing the bullfighter at the worst moment of his crisis with Ana Maria Aldon seems to have no solution.

Rocío talks about José Fernando: “He’s a noble uncle but he destroyed himself”

precisely when Ortega Cano was admitted to the hospital after suffering the said accident, José Fernando turned 18 and called his sister to find out what exactly corresponded to him from the inheritance of sworn dewas Rocío recalls in the new opus of his documentary: “She tells me that she needs me to give her all the papers of my mother’s inheritance. I tell her: ‘My life, it doesn’t depend on me , it’s up to you father’ and he, angry that I’m his last option, walks away and starts fuming, his head boiling.

“He’s a super noble guy, with a big heart. He’s a boy who never meddle in anyone’s business, who didn’t hurt anyone but himself. He made mistakes but he didn’t. he is the one who has the best feelings. He self-destructed,” he explains, alluding to the immense affection he still has for José Fernando.

Glory Camille. From why their relationship fell apart to why she’s not ready to talk to her sister

But not just about Ortega Cano’s alleged addiction issues and how he is Jose Fernando Rocío speaks in Episode 12 of ‘In the Name of Rocío’, as Rocío Jurado’s daughter finally answers one of the questions we’ve been asking ourselves the most lately: Why doesn’t she have any kind relationship with Glory Camilla?

Emotionally, Rocío confesses that “the Gloria I remember is a Gloria who was perky, funny, intelligent and very intelligent, flattering* a very pretty girl” and returns to reveal the last time she saw her sister and why this who took her away

“In 2012, before Christmas, I received a call for help from Ortega Cano because Gloria was going through a difficult adolescence, more than usual because of the backpack she was carrying,” she said. explained, remembering that, of course, she had spoken with her sister. try to give a hand to the bullfighter

A conversation in which Gloria told him that she was going to listen to him, but the bullfighter didn’t seem to like it well: “He started telling me who should I believe to tell his daughter how she should behave , that I am not his mother.” A reproach that caused Rocío, as she now admits, to feel “lost” and to decide to break everything, since it coincided in time with the terrible beating that his daughter, Rocío Flores, inflicted on him: “I overflow and I go out of because I couldn’t even take care of myself. That’s why I decided to disappear and not hear from anyone anymore.

Ten years later, his relationship with Gloria still sucks, and for now it looks like it will continue to be so due to the closeness his sister has with Antonio David Flores, which he seems unable to. forgive him. “Now is not the time. This conversation is sterile from the moment there is a core which is ‘the Being’. I cannot have a relationship with anyone where that person is” , he said.

“I’m not prepared and the one who doesn’t understand it is that he hasn’t had an illness or mental problem, or he has never been plunged into depression, or he has never had a panic attack“, she concludes, specifying that at least in the short term, we will not see a rapprochement between sisters.

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