Real Sociedad close to signing Umar Sadiq

La Real complete the signing of Umar Sadiq. The realistic club finally made the decision to make a heavy expenditure to strengthen the advance after the sale of Isak for 70 million euros. Roberto Olabe there Erik Bretos They moved early in the morning to Madrid to deal with various negotiations that were opening, such as that of the Nigerian striker, who was one of the most coveted in the League. There had also been speculation about a possible open negotiation with Álvaro Odriozola, which today seems very complicated by having several very interested teams such as the Inter, Fiorentina or even one of the Prime Minister and be an expensive option for Real that he could even wait for the end of the contract in 2024 so that he arrives free.

Although from Almería they have pointed to the possibility of the price being 30 million, this is a disproportionate amount that La Real in no way seemed to come close to. Everything seems to indicate that after many hours of meetings with representatives of the Andalusian entity and an agency that acts as an intermediary, an agreement is going to be concluded which will be around 20 million euros, plus some additional variables, as reported Marco Antonio Sande in the Padlock Cope. He will therefore become the most expensive signing in the history of txuri-urdin, exceeding the 17 million invested in the return of Illarramendi.

Sadiq is a 25-year-old striker, very corpulent since he measures 191 centimeters, perhaps less coordinated than Isak, but apparently with more goals, something he will have to demonstrate in the top flight since with Almería he only competed in second. To date, he has been a footballing globetrotter who has passed through Spezia, Rome, Bologna, Turin, Breda, Rangers, Perugia and Partizan before arriving in the Andalusian capital after paying nine million euros. That’s why the rojiblancos were very clear that they couldn’t underestimate their star, who was decisive in their promotion with 18 goals and twelve assists.

La Real have been following him very closely in recent months, as Roberto Olabe even traveled to Nigeria to see him in action in a maximum pressure match with his national team. He is a footballer with similar things to Isak, although we will have to see how he fits into Imanol’s approach, because he is not a 9 characterized by his ability to pressure and he is quite individualistic and anarchic. One of those players who, when receiving the ball, always looks like something is going to happen, from a covered goal to a more typical Julio Salinas move. In three games in the first division he scored two goals and on Saturday he went crazy behind a whole Sevilla…

The truth is that Real take the man as soon as the market closes. There was not much consensus in the sporting management on whether to face now, with all the clubs waiting for it knowing that they have just entered 70 million for the sale of their attacking reference and that There were many options to buy above the appreciation price, but in the end he was very ambitious and spared no expense to solidify the team with a promising and exciting reinforcement that closes a dream team. We must not forget that the Imanol team is playing its European future before the winter market and to be among the best in the League, for the fourth consecutive year. It seemed very risky to play with Sorloth, who was Isak’s regular understudy last year, Carlos Fernandezwhich is unfortunately not reliable today, and Jon Karrikaburuknocking loudly at the door. The environment of the Navarre is very clear that if another attacker arrives he should play in the second division, because with three points in the first team his options of having minutes and being straddling the subsidiary and the Imanol’s team are reduced. Racing, Mirandés and Burgos, among others, have requested his transfer for this course and they closely follow what is happening in the txuri-urdin house, although they have always been met with Olabe’s blunt refusal when they insisted on their approach. We’ll have to see what happens in the final hours of the market with Zubieta’s new gem.

La Real is out of chips, in the hypothetical case that Turrientes there Robert Navarre recover the numbers they were promised so that another goalkeeper does not come and force themselves with the demanding and expensive route of Odriozola, because they would have to give up a player. Many pointed out Ander Guevarawho ended the year badly and seems to have few opportunities today because he is ahead Zubimendi and Illarramendi. As he admitted to this newspaper in an interview in which he analyzed his situation with integrity and the utmost respect for his teammates, no one from the club invited him to leave, which did not happen either. in recent weeks, despite the tokens starting to run out for so many possible hires. Another very different problem is that an offer arrives that sportily seduces you and rethinks it, something that has not yet happened: “If I saw that this year I cannot have options, we would think of a alternative because I’m a footballer and what I want is to play.” For now, his priority is still to win back Imanol’s full confidence.

With Sadiq, these are five reinforcements that Real have incorporated this summer with the highest investment in their history. Now the analysis of whether he has a better team than last year will start to opt in favor of the new project, still on paper, so it will have to be proven. Anoeta is waiting for a new player who has many options to become one of his great idols… Surely he won’t leave anyone indifferent.

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