They censor part of Maneskin’s performance at the MTV Awards because the bassist showed a boob due to an oversight

This Sunday, the Prudential Center stadium (Newark, New Jersey) hosted the mtv awardswhere Taylor Swift, bad bunny oh Lil Nas X received some of these statuettes – and Rosalía also took one for In case-. The gala also featured several performances, and some were not without controversy.

The one that caused the most stir is the manna skinand it is that MTV censored part of the performance because Vic, the bass player, got his sleeve pulled and ended up showing one of his nipples.

The winning Italian group Eurovision 2021which won Best Alternative Video for the music video of I want to be your slave, interpreter model above the stage.

Maneskin with his MTV Award for Best Alternative Video.
Maneskin with his MTV Award for Best Alternative Video.

During the performance, Vic’s costume played tricks on her. The bassist wore a body asymmetrical which covered her right and left breast the left one in the air, in which she wore a breast shield. Yet in the euphoria of song, the artist’s dress fell off and it made her show her right nipple.

It happened from the first minute of action, and This negligence could be seen live for a few seconds. The realization of the MTV VMAs quickly changed to one in which Damiano appeared singing and Thomas, the guitarist. But they also included a pre-recorded stage plan from the Prudential Center and the half-empty standswhich was constantly repeated on a loop, so that while Maneskin was still heard, they weren’t seen.

Later, and with her dress rearranged, Vic reappeared on screen, but only for a few seconds, since for no apparent reason they reverted to this plan of the pavilion and they intertwined it with bits of the performance.

On YouTube, you can’t even see Vic’s negligence, because they eliminated it during editing. And the fans noticed and criticized this decision which completely ruined the performance of Maneskin and converted model in a veritable chaos of planes.

In fact, some have questioned this decision to censor the bassist’s nipple for being female, since Damiano performed shirtless. In fact, not only that, but the singer He wore pants that exposed his buttocks.and it was allowed and uncensored.

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