Starlink drastically lowers the prices of its Internet by satellite

If you were considering subscribing to satellite Internet service from Stellar Linkor you were already using it, very good news has arrived, and it is that Elon Musk’s company has announced a price drop which affects his monthly fee and even his antenna cost provided to access your service.

For now we are focusing on Spain, since last August 24 users will see how their next monthly bill significantly reduces its price 35%which translates to instead of paying 108 euros per month, now this amount is reduced up to 70 euro, resulting in significant savings. Even if 70 euros is not that it is affordable or a great offer, at least it is 38 euros per month that a person who hires a service of necessity can save, because it is understood that its use is due to the fact that he does not have access to a fiber optic connection and perhaps not copper either, or in in this case it does, but with very low speeds.

In addition to the monthly fee, Starlink reduces the price of other associated expenses

Low Price Starlink Square Antenna

Another significant saving is through your new square antenna, necessary to connect to satellites and have an Internet connection. Although the original round antenna, with its router, bore a cost of 639 eurosmore 60 euros In terms of shipping costs, now the new antenna costs 390 euros And the shipping costs they are freeso we talked about accessing this material it’s cheaper at 309 eurosplus the $38 you save on monthly fees, making it a more affordable service.

As the company announced to its users via email, “the price reduction takes into account your local market conditions and aims to reflect the purchasing power parity of our customers“. The price changes are now available for new userswhile all users who receive an invoice after August 24 will automatically have their monthly service fees reduced.

Falling prices also affect Latin American countries

Just this weekend user Anelsy Telegram sent me a screenshot which also reflected the price reduction in the Dominican Republic. It was also reduced the price in mexico and almost everywhere in the world. In this way, the company wanted to adjust its prices in an attempt to gain popularity.

In the case of our user, he went from paying 7,080 Dominican pesos per month to 2,900 pesos (from 133 to 55 euros/dollars)while for example in Mexicothe price is reduced by 2,299 Mexican pesos per month at 1,110 pesos (115 to 55 euros/dollars), they are therefore practically halved, even if it is true that they have sought to assimilate the prices according to the purchasing power of their users.

Starlink’s price cut comes just as it expands

In addition to the Internet connection that we all know for the home, it should be remembered that the company has recently launched new services of Internet focused on caravans. for a cost of 85 euros per month, you can access high internet speeds and low latency wherever you are. On the other hand, there is the service launched even more recently maritime starlink. That’s right, an antenna to have download speed up to 350 Mbps with low latency in the middle of the ocean. In this case, the price of the service is not yet known.

If you want to know how it works, recently our friend billet bull He posted a video recounting his experience with the service.

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