Penalties save a two-faced Abanca Ademar

Sousa, in a lance of partido./Burgosconecta

Sousa, in a festive movement. / Burgosconnects

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The Marist team wins against Atlético Valladolid who had Cadenas’ men on the ropes | The defense again showed shortcomings and the successes of Santista, David Fernández and Castro were the key to the game.

Dani Gonzalez

Abanca Ademar won the Castile and León Cup final against Atlético Valladolid on penalties after a draw (33-33) where the Leonese suffered their defensive errors in a match that ended is chained and where those of Cadenas have hung. it’s just in time.

Abanca Ademar

Panos, Martínez (2), David Fernández (7), Juan Castro (7), Santista (7), Boskos (2), Casqueiro (1), Honrado, Sousa (3), Deividas Virbauskas (1), Darío Sanz ( 1), Alvarez, Palomo, Miñambres, Pagliotta

Recoletas At. Valladolid

Cesar Perez; Méndez (1), Freitas (6), Pisonero, Álvaro Martínez (1), Miguel Martínez (8), Dimitrioski, Rosell (3), D’Antino (4), Virulegio, Camino (1), Lamariano, Nico García, Herrero, Petter (2), Manuel García (3), Dimistrievski (2), De Toledo (1)

  • partiel
    3-4, 5-6, 5-7, 9-11, 14-14, 17-16 (rest), 21-20, 24-25, 27-29, 28-31, 32-33, 33-33 (final).

  • referees
    Lazaro Villegas and Portugal Alonso. They excluded Santista (2) from Abanca Ademar and De Toledo (2), Dimitrievski, Virulegio (2) and Miguel Martínez from At. Remember Valladolid. Sousa (Abanca Ademar) was disqualified for three exclusions.

  • incidents
    Burgos Sports Palace. Final of the V Cup of Castilla y León

The match started, like in the semi-finals, with a lot of back and forth and very fast attacks where the feeling was that the pucelanos had less trouble finding a launching position.

With this situation, it was Valladolid that led the way in an equal score, with many goals, and where the Pucelanos took the lead while the Maristas equalized until, in the 9th minute and with the he numerical inferiority of the Leonese, they scored two goals (4 – 6).

With this income from Valladolid and the exclusions on both sides, both teams experienced minutes of a certain attacking ‘blackout’ in both teams which kept the result steadfast at 5-7.

dynamic matching

The Marist defense grew in these moments, which allowed them to equalize the game in a few moments when the rhythm of goals of the first moments resumed. But only Valladolid took it over, as Abanca Ademar was obscured in attack, conceded counterattacks and a 0-3 partial drew the pucelanos to the scoreboard (9-13).

But this critical situation reactivated the Leonese, in a match that was turning in gusts, to equalize the match with a partial 5-1 which again led to the equalization in a confrontation however very damaging for the defensive morale of those of Padlock.

The first half ended with a Marist goal, by Juan Castro to take the lead (17-16) and by two exclusions in the Valladolid team which forced them to start the second half defending with four field troops.

Abanca Ademar does not take advantage of her moment

The start of the second half, despite this numerical situation, was not particularly profitable, since the Maristas could not break the game, although it is true that they remained between the goal and the two away goals.

But Abanca Ademar stepped into a pothole again, in a moment of offensive blocking, reopened Valladolid’s ‘easy goals’ window that allowed Pisonero’s men to come back up front.

These problems met with another bump in the road with Tiago Sousa’s third exclusion, which led to the Portuguese’s disqualification, so Cadenas found himself with one less man to rotate while the Pucelanos were still ahead at the dashboard.

Equality all the way… and extension

The clash was, at that time, a fight to break up the match, in the case of the Valladolid team, and to prevent Pisonero’s men from leaving on the scoreboard, by Abanca Ademar. The advantage was Atlético Valladolid, with a difference between one and two goals, which put them in a more comfortable situation.

The sensations, in the middle of the second half, were not good for the Leon team. The score was still unfavorable and, despite Cadenas trying to hit the team with something, like putting Honrado in the goal, the gap was widening.

Abanca Ademar fought until the end, true to her essence, with a very active and aggressive defense that generated doubts in the Valladolid team to balance the game four minutes from time. Thus, the Leones equalized the match and had the chance to win, but Castro took steps and the match went to a tie-break.

A favorable turn for Abanca Ademar

The shock was decided at seven meters. Panos was tremendous in that shootout, stopping the first three pitches, and the Maristas had two pitches to settle for the title, but Santista and Deividas missed.

Again Panos was enlarged to stop the launch and keep the Leonese alive. The lot lasted forever, showing the equality of the two teams, with up to 15 throws, until Panos stopped to win 11-10 and close this Castilla y León Cup with joy.

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