Netflix cancels Resident Evil after its first season: it’s a failure

It didn’t take long netflix leaving the resident evil serieswell that was right canceled just a few weeks after its release. So anyone interested in it, you should keep in mind that Resident Evil will only have a first season and the story will not continue.

Resident Evil has been a franchise of greats Hit in the world of video games. From his first Resident Evil 1has caught the eye of gamers all over the world for offering a survival horror game with very competent zombies. After that, many other titles came in the saga, where we highlight each sequel improving on the first, because Resident Evil 2 there Resident Evil 3 provided a more varied gaming experience. From there we can go to popular Resident Evil 4 or the return of the saga but in first person with the Resident Evil 7 and 8. With all this we have a large number of titles, with an intertwined and quite complex story.

Netflix’s Resident Evil series was a disaster

Resident Evil Series Albert Wesker Negro

Unlike the games, which garnered a huge fanbase and rave reviews, the series is anything but. And it is that, although at first it was a success, flowed very quickly. And it is that, in its first two weeks, it has accumulated 73 million hours viewedpositioning Resident Evil in the second most-watched Netflix production when it premiered. A great success that quickly faded, because barely it took three weeks to disappear from the Top 10 of the most watched series on Netflix.

You might be wondering what happened to make his success fade away so quickly and there are many reasons, but let’s start with the story. The plot surrounding the Resident Evil series could be seen as something that It has nothing to do with games.. With this decision, he has already managed to turn against all fans of the franchise. And it is that, when Resident Evil premiered on Netflix, it collected a 22% in rotten tomatoes speak userswhile the professional criticI gave him a 53%.

The story has nothing to do with the franchise games

Resident Evil Netflix Series Canceled

And it is that, there is practically no reference to the Resident Evil video game saga, because we don’t have a lesson, Clear, Chris or Jill Valentine, important characters in the franchise. In fact, if we don’t go to more modern games like the latest installment of Resident Evil Village, the protagonist Ethan Winter neither makes the jump to the series. So we have to deal with Albert Wester and his family, because they will be the only ones. It is therefore a free adaptation of the popular Capcom game seriesmaybe taking too many liberties.

It shows the future, especially the year 2036where the world’s population has been reduced to a few million and where life is protected by umbrella pharmaceutical company. And it is that, the vast majority of them have been converted into zombies by the T-virus. So far we have 3 things in common with the games, Umbrella, Virus T (and its zombies) and Albert Wesker. But there we stop, because the series focuses on the Wesker family and their teenage daughters, nothing to do with games. To say so, that the only virus that affects humanity at the start of the series in the year 2022 is the COVID-19[feminine]. To all this, the Umbrella of that time is working on a new drug called Happinesspills that calm the anxietythe the Depression and the stress.

The Resident Evil films were more related to the saga

Resident Evil Pelicula Nemesis

And this is where the amazing turn of events in the series of resident Evil from Netflix is ​​appearing. And that’s it, An overdose of antidepressants turns humans into zombies, no bites or animals that transmit the virus. With this premise, we have an idea of ​​why fans of the saga criticized Netflix’s Resident Evil so much, as well as a drop in visits that led to its cancellation. And it is that, we cannot defend other works of the franchise, like the infamous resident evil movies.

But at least these had more to do with games and showed their Main characterslike Clare and Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine. Even his memorable enemies, like the famous Nemesis from Resident Evil 3 has made an appearance on the big screen. Also, based on various user feedback, movies have been found to be more fun in their action sequences than movies. 8 hours who lasted First season of resident Evil in netflix.

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