the heartbreaking sequence of their argument

  • In the footage, Miriam Sánchez is seen scolding Pipi Estrada in the middle of the street

  • Pipi Estrada: “It was a disproportionate reaction”

  • Pipi Estrada’s call: “Miriam, you’ve hit rock bottom, help yourself, love yourself”

‘Save me’ emits a overwhelming sequence. Some images in which we see the discussion of Pee Estrada and his ex-partner, Miriam Sanchez. In it, the former actress berates the reporter and tries to stop him from leaving. “It’s a situation irrational”, Pipi told us live on the show: “I went to the assistance of Miriam, but I don’t know what could have happened in her head, in her body, but it was an overreaction”.

The full sequence of the couple’s argument

The images completely shocked Nuria Marín and Adela González. In “shock”, the presenters told us that in more than 13 years of ‘Sálvame’, images of such gravity had never been received… They reach such a point that certain moments are inimitable. ‘Sálvame’ broadcasts a fragment, a sequence in which we see a discussion in the middle of the street with his ex-girlfriend, Miriam Sanchez.

It was recorded on Wednesday August 24 at night in Madrid and we see how Miriam shouts at Pipi: “Come here now!” The journalist was getting into the car, but she stopped him saying, “What are we going to do when Miriam isn’t here?” With Andreina? Are you going to laugh with Andreina? Pee seemed very confused, nervous, her intention was for Miriam not to come near her car: “They put me in jail!” she repeated.

“Miriam, please, Miriam, please”, he asks her but, before he closes the door, she takes out the cables with which she charges the electric car: “Now you pick up! paparazzi, Pee Estrada!” The reporter closed the door as Miriam yelled at him to go home, he started the vehicle but stopped because she threw a flip flop at him.

Far from over, the discussion continued shortly after but the management of ‘Sálvame’ decided do not issue images.

The complete sequence of the discussion between Miriam Sánchez and Pipi Estrada

The complete sequence of the discussion between Miriam Sánchez and Pipi Estrada

Pipi Estrada sees the moving sequence: “It was irrational”

On the set of ‘Sálvame’, Pipi Estrada couldn’t help himself mourn. She explained to us that it all happened when she went in response to a call from her ex-partner: “I went to help Miriam, I don’t know what happened to her head, to her body, but it was a disproportionate gesture. reaction.” And it was that they were in a restaurant, everything was fine until Pipi received a call from his girlfriend: “They have a good relationship, but suddenly he reacts in a way.. .out of it, saying splinters.”

“I never thought I would find myself in this situation. so irrational” insisted Pipi, who considers that what happened is “indescribable”: “So I didn’t understand anything, I didn’t understand the reaction, why and especially this moment of self destruction”. According to him, Miriam is at one point “very vulnerable” in which he suffers “a lot of fears”. The situation makes him very “sad” and “angry” because he feels unable to do anything for her: “If you don’t let yourself be done, it’s very difficult, he listens to you one day but the the next day he forgets.”

Given the situation, he decided “run away” and insisted that if he came to her call, it was to help her.

Pipi Estrada's reaction to the broadcast of his discussion with Miriam Sánchez

Pipi Estrada’s reaction to the broadcast of his discussion with Miriam Sánchez

Gema López, to Pipi Estrada: “See your partner as his enemy”

Gema López also saw the footage that cannot be released and came to a conclusion: “Miriam sees your current partner as her enemy”. Pipi nodded at her comment, “She’s afraid of losing that right as a mother, but no one is going to usurp it.”

Also, it seems that after the incident, Miriam wrote messages to her daughter’s father saying something about Andrea: “He says give me 500 I put like tutor poor Andrea”. However, Pipi insisted that no one would take away her place as a mother.

What becomes of Miriam Sánchez?

Pipi told us that Miriam lives a life “firm” no social life: “His life comes down to this bar to drink a few beers which, with the drugs, produce situations like this”. Moreover, he knows that there have been other “difficult moments”: “She would like to do things but she can’t because of a lack of confidence, of self-esteem…”

The journalist can give love and support but feels that it is not enough: “We need real professionals. Besides, there was a time when she was already doing it: “She was in a center for alcohol-dependent women, she overcame the days she had to overcome, but there was a relapse”.

The call of Pipi Estrada

Not knowing what else to do, Estrada called out, “Miriam, you touched bottom, help yourself, love yourself, you are worth a lot and you have a daughter who adores you, an ex who is still with you, is looking for a better life, of more quality for you”.

Pipi Estrada's call to Miriam Sánchez:

Pipi Estrada’s call to Miriam Sánchez: “You’ve hit rock bottom”

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