36-year-old Italian, the first person in the world to have simultaneously contracted HIV, covid and monkeypox

And italian tourist began to feel physical fatigue, malaise, headache and fever after spending a week’s vacation in Spain. At first he took these symptoms as those of coronavirus and indeed tested positive in the test.

This is a 36-year-old man whose case has gone around the world after being the first person to contract this disease along with HIV and monkeypoxaccording to the Journal Of Infection magazine.

This post highlights possibility that these pathogens overlapthey therefore recommend taking this information into account, especially if the person concerned has carried out risky practices – as is the case of the Italian tourist.

Covid, smallpox and HIV

According to the scientific magazine, this man was in Spain between June 16 and 20, a period during which had unprotected sex with other men.

On July 2, the individual launched a positive coronavirus test result after presenting a picture of sore throat and headache, swollen glands and fever up to 39º.

That same day, the magazine explains, he began develop a rash on your left arm. The next day, “small painful vesicles surrounded by an erythematous halo appeared on the torso, lower limbs, face and buttocks”.

After a continued development of vesiclesthe man went to the emergency room of the University Hospital of Catania (Italy), to then be transferred to the infectious diseases unit.

On the second day of his admission, he was tested to see if he also had monkey pox and, again, the result was positive. The same thing happened with the test HIVthat given the number of CD4 (an indicator of the immune response) “we can assume that the the infection is relatively recent.

Moreover, they add after 20 days the patient was still infected with monkeypox, suggesting that infected people can be contagious for several days after a “clinical remission”. They point out that for this reason, doctors should recommend appropriate precautions.

According to the information in the article, this case is proof that monkeypox spread through sexual intercourse, although it does not appear to be a sexually transmitted disease. It’s him intimate and direct contact during intercourse which seems to be the main route of infection.

Monkeypox mainly affects the community of men who have sex with men, accounting for 98% of cases worldwide. However, this does not mean that anyone exposed to the virus cannot catch it.

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