three juices that help him calm down

Bone pain is less common than pain in joints and muscles, and unlike them, it usually occurs at rest and on the move, according to information from the US National Library of Medicine.

Normally this condition is caused by a fracture, but it can also be caused by diseases such as cancer when it has metastasized, interruption of blood supplyinfected bone, injury, leukemia, osteoporosis and overload.

When osteoporosis occurs, the bones become porous and is more common in older people, due to calcium and vitamin D deficiency. However, it is a disease that does not normally cause pain until until the vertebrae collapse or fracture.

According to a publication by Medical News Todaywritten by Gillian D’Souza. This source cites data from the International Osteoporosis Foundation, according to which one in three women and one in five men over the age of 50 will experience a bone fracture due to osteoporosis.

Bone pain can also be the result of inflammatory conditions such as osteoarthritis, which is caused by the progressive wearing down of joint cartilage. This condition causes the bones to rub against each other, causing pain and inflammation. The gate better with health indicates that this discomfort usually occurs in the hands, knees, hips and neck, among others.

Although this is a condition that normally requires medical treatment, there are home remedies that can supplement medical recommendations and help relieve and prevent pain. It is about these three natural juices.

Orange, papaya and yogurt

A good home remedy for bones, especially when someone has osteoporosis, is orange papaya smoothie with yogurt, which provides calcium and vitamin D, essential nutrients for bone health. “Orange and papaya are one of the few fruits that contain a good amount of calcium,” says the health and wellness portal Your health.

It requires vitamin D fortified yogurt, a small slice of chopped papaya and half a glass of orange juice. Mix all the ingredients in the blender and drink immediately. It is important to keep in mind that this shake contains a lot of fiber and for this reason it can also have a laxative effect.

blackberry juice

The juice of this fruit supports bone health and relieves pain discomfort. Blackberries are rich in calcium and phosphorus, minerals that help maintain bones and teeth. To do so, according to your healthit takes 200 grams of blackberry, put it in the blender with a little water and drink it when ready.

“In addition to preventing osteoporosis, blackberries are rich in beta-carotene and vitamins A and C, which prevent early aging and provide healthier skin and hair”says the source cited above.

celery and pineapple

This drink is recommended to deflate the tissues thanks to its diuretic properties that help eliminate fluids that cause inflammation. This is thanks to the fact that pineapple has an enzyme called bromelain, which stops the production of inflammatory prostaglandins in the body. Its anti-inflammatory activity helps soft tissues as well as muscles and joints.

You need a bunch of celery, half a chopped pineapple and a glass of water. The celery is washed, chopped and passed through a blender, like the other ingredients, and processed until a homogeneous mixture is obtained, which must be consumed immediately.

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