Alonso didn’t ask to be Aston Martin’s ‘number one’ or big payday, says Krack

The negotiation was simple and the Asturian did not set these types of conditions

Krack doesn’t rule out long-term future with Alonso and doesn’t see age as an issue

Mike Krack, who will be Fernando Alonso’s new boss at Aston Martin from next season, assures the Asturian was not worried about having ‘number one’ status or a big salary during the negotiations.

The case, in fact, it closed in a few days, which indicates the willingness of both parties to understand each other. According to Krack, Fernando didn’t put those kind of conditions, but just wanted to be part of a team with the ambition to succeed.

“Fernando and Lance will have the same status. Fernando didn’t ask for any of that. There were rumors in the media that he was offered things like number one status and a big salary, but I can make sure Fernando isn’t doing it either.” for status or salary,” Krack commented on the team’s website.

“Of course the package has to be up to par with a driver of Fernando’s caliber and experience, but how quickly the deal was done tells you that things like the salary or the details of the agreement were not Ferdinand’s main reasons”.

“He said it himself before the break: when the two parties want to agree on something, it only takes ten minutes. What convinced Fernando was the opportunity to be part of a team that is progressing and where he can have a real impact.”

On the other hand, the Luxembourger does not see any problem with Alonso’s age, because in Formula 1 it is the stopwatch that dictates the sentence, and he does not even exclude that this “adventure” lasts for many years.

“I don’t see Fernando’s age as a problem. For me it doesn’t change anything. He should be judged on his speed and performance on the track, and clearly he is as good as ever.”

“I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that we have many more years together, if we can make the progress we need with the car. Our performance was poor last season and this season, but we know we have to make a car to fight in front,” he added.

Regarding the relationship between Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso, Krack points out that they “respect” each other and, although the Spaniard is “not afraid” to face any driver, he also believes that the Canadian has often been “underestimated”.

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