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YouTube announced the first edition of the YouTube: game on, an interactive event visible for two hours live around the world on Saturday August 27 from 10:00 p.m. This event promises to be a celebration of the world of video games, and of course, this is not a surprise since the social network is one of the favorite platforms of gamers.

In fact, this celebration will feature some of the most popular creators and trends in gaming culture: more than 60 creators in an interactive experience that will bring together more than 400 million subscribers and a combined total of more than 150,000 million views of video game content on the platform, and also that they will be able to vote in real time in a series of game challengers, with which they will be able to actively participate in the development of the event.

The presenter in Spain will be the youtuber Argentina Lyna, which is causing a stir within YouTube, which has three channels that are accumulating nearly 15 million subscribers.

In her main profile, named Lyna created in September 2014, the youtuber is recorded while she plays Roblox and Minecraft, creating stories aimed at a very young audience. Thanks to the popularity of this channel, it has become one of the most important content creators in the gaming world.

If you want to know a little more about the work of Lyna, the youtuber that your children surely know very well, we leave you one of the latest videos of her work.

Other international creators such as, Markiplier, Dream or Philip Neto, AyChristine, Bazerk, Caylus, among many others, they will also have space at the event by participating in the live stream.

Similarly, “YouTube: Game On” will be broadcast worldwide with local creators who will be the masters of ceremonies to translate into five different languages: German, Spanish, French, English and Portuguese.

YouTube wants to dethrone Twitch with Game On

YouTube has become a very popular platform for both gamers and users. In the first six months of 2021, it had 800,000 million views related to gaming, in addition to over 90 million hours of live streamed content and over 250 million downloads.

Thanks to these figures and a great acceptance by the community, YouTube sees the gaming industry as essential, so he looks for a way to boost it a lot more. It should be noted that the platform offers creators more options to grow, in addition to more than 10 forms of monetization.

The YouTube event: Game On, It comes at a delicate time for Tic, the quintessential gaming platform, which many creators have threatened to quit altogether and follow the competition. These threats are driven by fan toxicity in the comments and broadcasts that creators experience, as in the case of Jaryd “summit1g” Lazar.

For his part, the Spanish player, Llanos Riverthreatened to quit Twitch due to changes to the streaming platform, which halved payouts to creators to keep half the money. On top of that, the Spaniard complained that the platform doesn’t respect and give the same importance to Spanish-speaking creators as it gives to Anglo-Saxons.

As if that were not enough, many users complained about the large number of announcements and advertisements that Twitch has inserted into streams, making the gaming experience choppy and tedious.

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