Sarah Michelle Gellar has revealed the drastic decision she made following the death of Robin Williams

Sarah Michelle Gellarthat will always be remembered for bring the protagonist to life buffy the vampire slayer, revealed the impact it had on your career the death of robin williams in the year 2014.

The two actors worked together in the series Crazypeople, broadcast on the American network CBS between 2013 and 2014. The fiction was Williams’ last television role before his suicide at the age of 63 on August 11 of the same year. Later it was revealed that the artist suffered from Lewy body dementiathe second most common type of progressive dementia after Alzheimer’s disease.

Although their time together on screen was short-lived, the interpreter – who played the daughter of the character played by Williams – has forged a particularly special bond with the actor. This is how his death led Gellar to take the decision to suspend his activity for a time, even if it was not the only fact that weighed on his decision to move away from the cameras.

I have worked all my life. When I had kids, and it was right after Robin died, there was so much going on in my life that I decided to stop and say, “I need a break. .“, explained the actress in an interview with the magazine People.

the star of sex games she wanted to take advantage of these first formative years in the life of her children and exercise her motherhood with dedication. “I wanted to take the time to be the mother I wanted to be,” she said. As the kids started to grow, so did the actor’s wife Freddie Prinze Jr. he noticed that something was missing in his daily routine. “I was starting to miss acting a lot, but I wanted to find the right opportunity,” admits the actress, who weighed the proposals until she found a project that challenged her.

Gellar in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Gellar in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Gellar is now returning to the screen with the new drama series from Paramount + Wolf Pack, where the artist embodies the researcher Kristin Ramsey. Regarding the work crew and colleagues on this new venture, the actress said, “It’s about working with people I really enjoy doing it with.”

“Acting is fun. We’re creative and, yes, sometimes the hours are really long, but what we’re doing is really cool,” said Gellar, who had to travel to Atlanta for filming.

One activity the actress has never thought of giving up is her philanthropic work leading the organization. It’s about humanityentity focused on carrying out reunification tasks for separated families on the US-Mexico border.

My husband always jokes that I work as an actress to support my charity project.said Gellar with a smile after returning from a trip with the NGO. “Because if I could devote every free moment I have to it, I would. One of the things that I really love and particularly look for in the charities I work with is a kind of direct connection. It’s a matter of humanity. Everything that is raised goes directly to the charity and you can check it,” he remarked.

Gellar enjoys the work she does with the organization so much that she will do everything possible to take a break from filming the series in Atlanta to attend the charity’s upcoming gala. “A few months ago we took a trip to an incredible shelter in Tijuana, a YMCA center for minors, specifically LGBTQ, which is very complicated in a Catholic culture like that,” the actress said. And he explained that young people access education through a small room that serves as a school in the establishments. As the space needed renovations and improvements, the actress set to work to raise enough money to allow the work to be carried out. Within two weeks, they got the money, which had this specific purpose and helped to improve the living conditions of the community.

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