Charlie, the 20-year-old influencer who had battled cancer for four years, dies

  • The influencer hadn’t uploaded any type of content to his social media for several days

  • He died in August after reporting that they put a bag of morphine in him

  • The news was announced via an Instagram post, where their loved ones are receiving many supportive comments.

Carlos Sarriá, better known on social media as Charlie, has died. The terrible news was announced via their Instagram profile this Monday, August 22, 2022. The young man was only 20 years old and had been trying to resist cancer for four years.

The young man from Alicante, since being diagnosed with the disease, has suffered four relapses. He had Ewing’s sarcoma and it’s that, like says Yasss in an interview Last May, when he won the first battle, they discovered a tumor on the crown which was a metastasis of the first.

It was when he was admitted to the hospital that he decided open a channel on TikTok to talk about his illness. To date, he has spoken openly about cancer across networks, even making jokes about the disease. On Instagram, he is followed by more than 120,000 people and on TikTok by more than 2.3 million.

He said goodbye to his supporters

Charlie’s farewell came after the influencer will take several days without uploading content on their social networks, His girlfriend Nerea hasn’t posted anything either, which has been one of the fundamental pillars in his fight against the disease.

In his latest TikTok videos, Charlie appeared in the hospital room and it was on August 8 that he last updated his followers on his condition, as he shared with them that they put a bag of morphine on him to cope with the pain he had been suffering for the past few days.

On August 1, he told his followers that he had had a “very, very, very bad time,” I had spent three weeks without “being able to poop” and with “an incredibly bad stomach ache” that had taken away the urge to pick up the cell phone.

Social networks made him very happy and that is why he wanted those close to him to share with his followers the tragic news of his death.

On their Instagram profile, they posted a post that reads:Goodbye son of a bitch, see you in the afterlife. (Charlie 2002-2020) ». The post was filled with comments from her followers who can’t believe the fateful news: “It’s not possible.”

He also uploaded a video to his TikTok profile saying goodbye to his followers with the Bad Bunny song “A Summer Without You.”

You can also read in the publications on his social networks the comments of some of his friends and colleagues, such as Croquetmente or Alan the wheels (followed by more than 900,000 people on TikTok), who have also uploaded a post to his Instagram profile to remember his friend: “Here with the strongest person I have ever met, able to transmit light and joy with a lot of shit behind him. You will always be. Rest in peace my child,” he wrote along with two photographs together.

Charlie was everything an example for many people They wish him to rest in peace.

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